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CMWMA stands for and was enacted in ___

California medical waste management act enacted in 1990


what is biohazard level 1

minimum risk level. e.g. e-coli, chicken pox

use gloves and facial protection, wash hands, use disinfectants etc.


give e.g. of infected specimens that would be a biohazard level 2

hep b, hep c, influenza, lymes disease, WNV, salmonella


give e.g. of biohazard level 3 organisms

anthrax, BSE, HIV, mumps, SARS, smallpox, tb, typhus, yellow fever


what kind of organisms/virus would warrant a biohazard level 4

bolivian fever, dengue fever, ebola, hanta virus, lassa virus and other hemorrhagic diseases mostly of African descent.

requires space suit and self contained oxygen


Name some items that are NOT medical waste

hw, radioactive waste, house hold waste
waste from a veterinarian or farm or ranch from regular practices
paper towels or gloves as long with non-fluid blood
microbiological cultures used for food processing


a large quantity medical waste generator generates more than ____ lbs per month

200 lbs per month


Unless a bag is used, medical waste containers must be decontaminated how?

hot water for 15 seconds at 180F

sanitizer 500 ppm chlorine, 100 ppm iodine, 400 ppm QUAT, 500 ppm phenol


can trash chutes be used for medical waste?



when can compacters and grinders be used for medical waste?

only after treatment as occurred


What is a common storage facility

any designated accumulation area of medical waste to be collected by a registered hauler


biohazard waste shall be contained in what?

a red biohazard bag.

must say biohazardous waste or
have the biohazard symbol and the word biohazard on the lid and sides


how long can biohazardous waste be stored

no more than 7 days without written approval

no more than 90 days below 32F without approval


how must sharps waste containers be labeled

sharps waste or..

biohazard symbol and the word biohazard


enclosed or designated accumulation areas shall be identified and secured how?

may be secured with locks or doors/gates

warning sign in English and Spanish "biohazardous waste storage area unauthorized person keep out"

warning sign must be legible from 25 feet away


what is a limited quantity hauling exemption

a person can transport less than 20 lbs at a time to a transfer station or treatment facility


what are the methods of medical waste treatment

steam sterilization in an autoclave


how is medical waste autoclaved

121C (250F) for 30 mins
heat tape is used
thermometers checked annually


what is the biological indicator for spore testing

bacillus stearothermophilius


spore test records shall be maintained for how long?

3 years


hypodermic needs can be disinfected by incineration, steam sterilization or by chemical disinfection using _____ or _____

isolyser or pacific hazmat