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It is estimated that the majority of people who live in the southern hemisphere will have moved to cities by:



Green design entails...

minimizing the environmental impact of building structures and infrastructure


Which of the following items are issues that urban ecologists focus on?

-city parks and waterways
-Relations between people, plants, and animals and their effects
- Multi-disciplinary collaboration


Buildings that maximize heat absorption in winter, and light reflection in summer are examples of:

green design


Which of the following statements are true of the history of urbanization?

- The history of urbanization spans over thousands of years
-Rates of urbanization have accreted exponential since the industrial revolution
-The recent history of urbanization has been marked by a growing shift to the greening of cities


Which of the following items render urban ecology a wicked problem?

-Urbanization is a very old phenomenon
- Urban ecology is marked by complex interactions amongst a variety of phenomena


Which of the following items constitute focal points for urban ecology?

- biodiversity loss
-environmental degradation
-climate change


How do urban areas contribute to climate change?

-80% of greenhouse emissions come from urban area
- cities absorb and trap heat


cities cause environmental degradation. what is a direct cause?

diverting and transforming rivers to accommodate urbanization


cities cause biodiversity loss. what is a direct cause?

levelling and old forest within a city to construct a new shopping mall


which statements relating to urban ecology are key principles of the ecosystem approach?

- we should involve relevant sectors of society and scientific disciplines.
-management should be decentralized to the lowest appropriate level.