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Who were Darwin's influences, and what were their messages? (2 of them)

Malthus- Struggle for Survival
Lyell- The present is the key to the past


What is the immutability of species?

The idea that each individual species on the plant was specially created by God and could never fundamentally change.


What is microevolution?

The theory that natural selection can, over time, take an organism and transform it into a more specialized type of that organism.


What is macroevolution?

The hypothesis that processes similar to those at work in microevolution can, over eons of time, transform into a completely different kind of organism.


What are strata?

Distinct layers of rock.


What are fossils?

Preserved remains of on-living organisms.


Do fossils prove or disprove evolution?

They disprove evolution.


When have we witnessed strata formation, and what was the rate of strata formation?

When Mt. St. Helens erupted, 100 layers of strata formed in 3 hours.


What is the Cambrian explosion?

The fact that representatives of all major animal phyla can be found in some of the lowest sedimentary rock in the geological column.


What is Structural Homology?

The study of similar structures in different species.


Does structural Homology prove or disprove evolution?

It disproves evolution.


What is Molecular Biology?

A study of different organisms on a molecular level to see if one could give rise to another.


How do evolutionists deal with the data in Molecular Biology?

They must pick and choose data, and ignore others.


Does Molecular Biology prove or disprove evolution?

It disproves evolution.


What is a mutation?

A mistake in genetic code.


How do Neo-Darwinists use mutations to explain macroevolution?

They use mutation to explain large jumps in genetic code that give rise to a separate species.


How is the Neo-Darwinist's theory incorrect?

A mutation causes a loss in genetic information, not a gain, which would be needed to create a new species.


How do Darwinists try to clear up the fossil record?

They constantly add billions of years to allow time for macroevolution.


What is Punctuated Equilibrium?

They believe the Neo-Darwinist view of mutation, but they say instead of billions of years, it happened so quickly, there are no intermediate links in the fossil record.


What book introduced the theory of evolution, and who is it by?

"The Origin of the Species", by Darwin.