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What was the social and economic change good and bad for

Good for the industry
Bad for politics


What were the navy laws and when were they set

1898 - build up German navy to rival gb
1900 - 17 year navy expansion programme


How did wilhelm try to divert attention from socialism

He introduced limited social reforms
The 1891 - workers protection act which improved the safety in the work place


What was the weltpolitik

A foreign policy in 1897 which was to expand Germany’s territory and boost there army and navy population


Did kaiser stop the sd party from growing and what did this show

No they continually grew which showed an increasing desire for democracy amongst German people


Why did the Germany at first not pass the reforms that the German working class people wanted

Because they were afraid of encouraging socialist ideas


What things grew when the gorverment didn’t pass the reforms the German people wanted

The spd as they were promoting equality
Trade unions


What we’re trade unions

Organisations set up by employees to defend their rights and by 1914 they had 3.3 million members


Why did German politics become unstable

The social Democratic Party grew and extreme nationalists
Upper class feared the growth of the working class
These factors making it hard for the kaiser to govern


What was the major threat to kaiser wilhelm

The growth and popularity of the social Democratic Party