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What was Germany’s government like in 1932

Its conditions had worsened and Germany was desperate for a strong government
President Hindenburg had to stand for a reelection and didn’t win majority due to hitler
However he eventually won


What did hitler demand in 1932

Due to the nazis winning 230 seats in the reichstag he demanded to be chancellor
However hindeburg refused


Who and why did did hitler make a deal with in 1932

Nazis were losing popularity
So hitler made a deal with franz Von paper to purseuade Hindenburg to make him chancellor and hitler would make paper his vice chancellor


How did hitler use his new powers as chancellor in 1933

Hitler called another election as he was now chancellor
And used dirt tricks to win


What did the nazis do to gain votes in the 1933 elections

They controlled the media
Opposition meetings were banned
SA terrorised opponents
Hitler blames communists for the riechstag fire


What was the enabling act

A new law that hitler has the power to make any law he wants


How did hitler get the enabling act out in place

He had to change the constitution by getting
2/3 of the votes and 2/3 of people to turn up


What party didn’t turn up to hitlers enabling act constitution change
And what did hitler do about this

The social democrats
Hitler changed the rules and said if you didn’t turn up without explanation then you were doubted as turning up
So it forced the social democrats to come


Did hitler get th enabling act and change the constitution

Yes he won the vote and was now governing for 4 years without parliament


What did hitler do when he was governing

1933- banned trade unions
- all other political parties are banned