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What were the effects of ww1 on Germany’s people

They were devastating effects that caused severe hardship on the German people


Why were people facing starvation by 1918

Allies has set up naval blockades preventing essential imports


What strikes were made by the end on ww1 by the German people die to widespread unrest

1918 members of the German army rebelled and refused to board ships
German troops refused to control rioters
Kurt Eisner encouraged a general uprising sparking mass strikes


Why was a republic called on the 9th of November

Wilhelm resigned and the social Democratic Party and usdp declares a republic so the country ruled without a monarch

This was mainly due to the Berlin protest where the social Democratic called for kaisers reginnation


What did the socialists set up after wilhelm resigned

They set up a temporary government with the council of people’s reprenentqtions


How long did the temporary government last

Until 1919 when new reichstag elections were held


Why did a revolution happen after wilhelm resigned

All state leaders that had been appointed left there posts
So new revolutionary state governments took over and the monarchy was abolished


What was the new revolutionary state government set up

Germany had 18 states
Each state had its own government
The national government decided national affairs
The state government defended state affairs


What was the signing of the armistice and when was it

11th November 1918, a ceasefire to end ww1
Allies signed a truce with Germany because the new republic was under pressure to sign it


Why were Germany under pressure to sign the armistice

People were starving
Low military moral


Who did support the signing of the armistice
And what did they believe

By some right wing Germans
Saw truce as betrayal and beloved Germany could still win the war