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When did hitler enter politics and what party did he join

He entered around the formation of the Weimar Republic
In 1919- he joined the German workers party which was a nationalist party


What did hitler become known for in the party

A talented speaker as he was passionate and skilled and he eventually became the voice of the German workers party


What happened to the German workers party in 1920 and then 1921

1920- the party was rebranded as the National socialist German workers party aka the nazi party
1921- hitler became its leader


How did the nazi party develop it’s identity

It appealed to as many people as possible and gave a nationwide appeal promoting German greatness


What was the twenty-five point programme

The nazi policies which stressed German superiority and prompted anti-semitism


What was the SA

Hitler founded his own military who were political thugs
Many were scared of them and they gave ex-soldiers a job and purpose


What was the situation of the Weimar Republic in 1923
And what did this mean for hitler

It seemed weak
Hyperinflation was at its peak and food riots were happening
Many Germans were angry and the French and Belgian ivasion
Hitler though the time was right to revolt


What was the Munich putsch

When the nazis attempted a revolt and marched in Munich
They crashed a local government leaders meeting in a beer hall in Munich and hitler announced a revolution has begun


How did the Munich putsch fail

When hitler marched into Munich with the SA, news of the revolt had leaked and the police were already waiting for him
Hitler was then imprisoned and the nazi party was banned


How did imprisonment help hitler

His trial gave him valuable publicity
He wrote a book about his believes and it spread the nazi ideology which millions read


What was hitlers book about

Belief of the aryan race being superior to all others
Germans having the right to lenbensraun = more space to live
It was the nazi ideology