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What was the Weimar Republic

The first German democracy and gave people a voice


Who was the first president

Frederick ebert leader of the social Democratic Party


What was the postition of the president

Elected every 7 years
Chooses the chancellor and is head of army
Can dissolve the reichstag
Call new elections


Who was the chancellor

They were in charge of day to day running if the government


What was the position of the reichstag

The new German parliament whose members were elected every 4 years


How was the reichstag chosen

By the people in proportional representation


What was the reichstat

The 2nd House of Parliament
Consisting of members from local regions and it can delay measures passed by reichstag


What were the advantages of the new constitution

Allowed women to vote
Voting age of 20


What were the cons of the new constitution

Wasn’t efficient as so many parties were guaranteed a seat so all seats had different view points and so no final decisions were ever made


What was article 48

The presidents emergency power where they could force through there own decision


What was the problem of article 48

It became a useful way of getting around disagreements and it undermined the new democracy because presidents could overuse it