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What leader helped the Germany economy to recover

Gustav stresseman through his domestic and international policies


When did he end the strike of the Ruhr and what did this do

In September 1923
This reduces tension and stopped compensation payments which were the result Of hyperinflation


How did stresseman sort of hyperinflation

He he introduced a new currency called the retenmark and this established the currency


What was the great coalition

A group of moderate pro democracy socialist parties who agreed to work together which stresseman made


Why was there a new international cooperation with Germany

Stresseman became foreign minister in 1923
He wanted to build up international relationships and prosper Germany’s economy


What international agreements were made with Germany

Dawes plan
Young plan
Locarno pact
League of Nations
Kellogg Briand pact


What’s and when was the Dawes plan

In 1924
It secured France and belgiums withdrawl from the Ruhr
Agreed a realistic payment for reparations
USA lent Germany £40 million to help pay off other debts


What and when was the young plan

In 1929- allies agreed to reduce reparations to 1/4 of original payment
They were also give 59 years to pay


What and when was the Locarno pact

Germany France and Belgium all agreed to respect their joint borders


What was the league and nations and when was Germany allowed to join

Countries that settled unrest for peace and not war
Germany were allowed to join in 1926 and was re-established as an international power


What and when was the Kellogg Briand pact

In 1928
It was signed by 65 other countries and promised not to use violence to settle disputes


What was the structure of the Dawes plan

USA could afford to loan out money to other counties
So USA lent Germany money to pay off debts
Germany could then pay for reparations
Uk and France used this money to pay off their own debts to USA


Why was the USA greatly depended on and what did this mean when the Wall Street crash happenend

Germany depended on the USAs money and the plans which were agreed only worked if the USA has money
So after the walk street crash all plans fell apart and Germany were once again in economic depression