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Who decided the terms of the treaty

David Lloyd George gbr
George Clemenceau fra
Woodrow Wilson USA


When was the treaty signed

June 1919


Who signed the treaty

President ebert


Was the German government invited to the peace conference

No they weren’t and they had no say in the treat
They were to weak to restart any conflict and had to accept the terms


What did Germans feel when ebert signed the treaty

They felt betrayed by the Weimar Republic and they felt they could’ve won the war


Why was the treaty an important part in the failure of the Weimar Republic

It harmed the republics popularity
And it created eceonomic and political unrest


What was article 231 and how did the Germans react to this

The war guilt clause that meant Germany had to take the blame for the war
Many Germans didn’t agree with this and were humiliated


What happened to the German armed forces

It was reduced to 100000 men and they could have no armoured machines
This making the Germans feel vulnerable


What were the reparations Germany had to pay
And what was the German reaction

Forced to pay £6600 million
It seemed unfair and caused lasting damage to the German economy


What happened to Germany’s empire

They lost their empire and the areas it owned were now called mandates
And they were now under the control of the League of Nations


What happenend to the German military and the Rhineland

The German military was banned from the Rhineland which left them open to attack from the west


What did Lloyd George think about the treaty

It was too harsh as he wanted peace and not war
It would lead to future war
Trade would suffer
There could be a communist revolution


Reasons for the treaty being fair

Germany had caused so much death and damage already
The treaty Germany put on Russia was a lot harsher


Why was the treaty seen as unfair and unwise

Restrictions and reparations would contribute to economic collapse which would damage the rest of Europe
It had a damaging long term impact - seen as an important cause of ww2