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what are the three things that make up motivation?

1. intensity (how hard person tries)
2. direction (where effort is channeled)
3. persistence (how long effort is maintained)


what are the two sources of motivation?

1. extrinsic motivators
2. intrinsic motivators


what are examples of goals for an organization?

low absenteeism, creativity, high productivity, etc


what are examples of goals for an individual?

personal dev, financial goals, recognition


which needs theory is popular but research does not support it?

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs


In McClelland's Theory of Needs, what are the 3 needs?

1. need for affiliation
2. need for achievement
3. need for power


which needs theory predicts that people are motivated to seek out and perform well in jobs that match their needs?

McClelland's Theory of Needs


describe the need for affiliation in McClelland's theory

-desire to be associated with specific people and groups
-strong need to belong to and be identified with a group
-attempts to forge friendly and close interpersonal relationships


describe the need for achievement in McClelland's theory

-desire to do something better or more efficiently
-want to solve problems
-master tasks
-prefer work that involves individual responsibility for results, provides feedback on perf, challenging goals


describe the need for power in McClelland's theory

-desire to control other persons and influence their behaviour
-prefer work that has impact on people, brings public recognition


what is the Equity Theory

-we make comparison between our inputs and outputs compared to others similar to us
-tension arises when unequal


what are three ways of dealing with under or over-reward (Equity theory?)

1. change reference point
2. change inputs
3. change outcomes


What is the theory that says that intrinsic rewards decline when extrinsic rewards are offered?

Cognitive Evaluation Theory


describe cognitive evaluation theory

when someone is motivated to do a task that they love, offering rewards decreases their motivation for it

-you now think of it as work
-feel less in control
-no longer self-determination


which theory states that specific and difficult goals lead to higher performance?

Locke's Goal Setting Theory


the most motivating goals are ___ and ___

difficult and specific


setting goals motivates in 4 ways:

1. increase persistence
2. regulate effort (energize)
3. direct attention
4. encourage development of plan and action


What are Locke's 3 factors that influence goal to performance connection?

1. goal commitment --> participatory and public
2. tasks --> simple, routine, independent
3. national culture


____ is the belief that one is capable of performing a task

-influences how you respond to a challenge and negative feedback


which theory says that motivation is determined by the outcomes people expect to occur as a result of their actions on the job?

Expectancy theory


what are the 3 aspects in the Expectancy theory?

1. expectancy: effort will lead to desired performance
2. instrumentality: desired performance will lead to promised rewards
3. valence: the outcome is attractive or valuable to me


what are the 5 core dimensions in job crafting?

1. skill variety
2. task identity
3. task significance
4. autonomy
5. feedback


what are 3 ways to job craft?

1. change boundaries of job
2. change relationships at work
3. change interpretation of job