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Check capacity of central plant, the condition of distribution system, and the adequacy of the registers, thermostats and any other equipment planned for reuse.

What should mechanical systems be reviewed for?


Flow that is hierarchical, typically with one group controlling work divided into separate departments.

Department Flow


What are the categories of design research?

Literature Review, Internet Research, Trade Associations, Product Information, Consultant Collaboration, & Observation


What is the WCMA?

Window Covering Manufacturers Association


Verify capacity for any new fixtures that are proposed, review the condition of pipes and fittings, and to determine where existing piping can be tapped for new plumbing fixtures.

What should plumbing systems be reviewed for?


Check if it meets current life safety codes, sprinkler systems should be studied to determine how much additional work would be required for the new space.

What should fire protection systems be reviewed for?


To elicit client comments on the conclusions and to get approval so design can proceed.

What are the goals of the final programming report and presentation?


Net Area, Efficiency Factor

The required usable area of a space is calculated by dividing the ____ ______ by the _________ _________.


Written Report

Programming and analysis should be summarized into a _______ _______.


Capacity of service to the building, conditions of primary and secondary service, conditions of wiring and devices, and conditions of lighting and other electrical components.

What should electrical systems be reviewed for?


When square footages are not defined by the client, what are three ways to determine the space needed for a particular use?

By number of people that need to be accomodated, by and object or piece of equipment, or by a specific activity that has its own clearly specified space needs.


The ratio of the net assignable area to the gross building area. This can range from 0.50 to 0.90 depending on the building type and the efficiency of the building's architectural design.

Overall Building Efficiency


When looking for unbiased information, what is a good source for comparison information

Trade Associations


Useable Area

The area available for assignment to a tenant, including the actual net area (where activities are taking place) and the secondary circulation space.


the client's approval and that work cannot proceed without it.

The programming document should make it clear that the report is for ....



For preliminary planning, the total amount of space required is calculated with ________ factors.


What is AWI?

Architectural Woodworking Institute


Title Page, Introduction, Executive Summary, Goals & Objectives of Report, Summary of Space Needs, Space Adjacencies, Code Requirements, Analysis of Existing Space, Budget & Schedule Requirements, Programming Concepts, Appendices

What should be included in a programming report?


For the purpose of analyzing lease space, it is useful to differentiate between ______ circulation and _______ circulation

Primary, Secondary


In addition to primary spaces, support spaces, add to the overall space requirements. These include:

Corridors, Circulation Spaces, Closets, Toilet Rooms, Non-Specified Mechanical Areas


Code Checklist

To make code information usable for preliminary design, it is helpful to develop a _____ __________.


Sometimes the net area is referred to as the ___ ________ area, and the secondary spaces are referred to as the _________ areas.

net assignable area, unassigned areas


all the space taken by public corridors as well as the elevator lobby and the rest rooms on that floor.

When a tenant occupies an entire floor, the rentable area includes . . .



When leasing space, more area is required than is represented by the usable area. This area is calculated by using the ______-______ area. This multiplier is calculated by the building owner based on measurements of the building and allocates public corridors, elevator lobbies, and toilet rooms to each tenant in proportion to the amount of space the tenants are leasing.


Of all programming date, _________ _____ and _____ are two of the primary factors that determine the size and configuration of the interior space.

Required Area, Adjacencies


Simply the mathematical ratio between one area and another.

Efficiency Factor



The efficiency factor takes into account the required ___________ space.


Occupancy Groups, Any Requirements for Special Occupancies, Gross Area of the Space, Occupant Loads, Common Path of Egress Travel Requirements, Number of Exits Required, Maximum distance to exits. Arrangement of Exits, Required minimum width of exits, Allowable Length of Dead-End Corridors, Special Requirements for Exiting From A or R Occupancies, Accessibility Requirements Related to Space Planning, Required Separations for Mixed Occupancies, Construction Requirementsfor Corridors, Requirements for Doors, Requirements for Glazing, Especially in Fire-Rated Partitions, Requirements for Ramps and Stairways

The following information should be available to the designer before space planning:


Determine adequacy of the existing structure, locate any loadbearing walls slated for modification.

What should structural systems be reviewed for?


What is the first way to determine space?

Multiply the area one person needs by the total number of people in the same area.


For a single lease space, this is the ratio of the net area (or net assignable area) to the usable area.

Interior Layout Efficiency


What are examples of specialty professional consultants?

Accoustic Design, Construction Specifications, Building Code Compliance, Fire Protection, Hardware, Commercial Food Service, Security Systems, Audio-Visual Systems, Telecommunication Systems


The partitions separating adjacent tenant spaces and separating a tenant space from public spaces.

Demising Wall


inside glass surface of exterior walls (if the glass is more than 50% of the wall area) to the finished surface of the tenant side of a public corridor partition and from the centerlines of partitions separating adjacent tenant spaces.

When an office lease space only occupies a portion of a floor, the rentable area is measured from the .......


Rentable Area

The total amount of usable space available, but it also includes structural columns, the thickness of some partitions, and typically a portion of the exterior wall of the building. This is used as the basis for leasing office and retail space.


Workflow organization where there is no strictly organized method of workflow.

Network Workflow