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How did Nehemiah show Concern?

-Beyond himself 
-Was born out of his character 


How did Nehemiah show Courage?

In facing the fear:
1. Fear of other reaction
2. Fear of self doubt ( do it/ worthy) 
3. Fear of confusion (am I doing the right action) 


How did Nehemiah show Character?

In God , in not being punished, and that they King would let him go.


What character from the story do you relate to the most?

Abriella and Adam:

-African-American and feels out of place at times as a minority.
-share an interest in art
-in not sure about what we should major in just yet.
- not sure what he is going to major in either and plans to explore his first yard of college
-he is self aware
-He has a concept of human nature and understands that he is still susceptible to it
- Wants his life calling called out to him
-Adam was also resilient to the idea that forth in God had anything to do with finding your passion.