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Define depravity

Choosing not to retain the knowledge of God


What does Psalm 37:4 state?

An order: structure is to delight yourself in The Lord and your desires will be fulfilled


What was the reason why Jesus' disciples were locked in a room when Jesus appeared to them?

They were afraid of the Jews and Romans


What did Jesus subsequently want them to do?

Wanted them to evangelize the very people who they were afraid of


What are the two primary ways that you can effectively testify about Jesus?

1. Your talent
2. Your story


Has anyone been declared righteous by following the law of God?

No one is righteous


Romans Chapter 3, teaches what is the value of God's Law?

When you follow the Law it helps you become aware of the fact that your sinful, selfish, and need a savior.


Why are we unable to boast about being justified through Jesus Christ?

You cannot boast because you've done nothing to earn your talent it was given to you