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Why does the start of Ch. 8 conclude that "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus"?

By accepting Christ they live by the Spirit, so they don't have to face eternal separation from God and can have peace not trying to constantly justify themselves.


Humans who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what?

What your sinful nature desires


Humans who live according to the Spirit have their minds set on what?

What the spirit desires


Why does it state as fact in Romans 8:8 that " those controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God"?

As it states in another verse you can only have one master, meaning you cannot serve God and yourself. Your will and God's will are bound to clash and in the moment you have to choose wether you'll be I-centered or God-centered.


Why does Romans 8 describe us as "co-heirs" with Jesus?

When we are saved we are children of God, this means we are brothers and sisters in Christ.


What is the obligation in Romans 8:12 " Therefore, brothers, we have an obligation..."?

We have an obligation to recognize our talent and develops it to all that God created it to be. Do not sleep on your talent.


What us the significance of Romans 8:18 " I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us"?

It demonstrates the idea given in the pain vs. pleasure model. That you either choose a small pain and receive huge pleasure later, delayed gratification; or choose pleasure first and receive a bigger pain than the first pain, instant gratification. The verse is saying don't even worry about the pain you'll experience in your earthly life, because the (pleasure or) rewards in heaven will be hundreds of thousands do times better; delayed gratification.


How does the Spirit help us in our weakness, especially in prayer?

The Spirit helps give us peace when we are overwhelmed with emotions. It especially helps in prayer, because when we pray we really don't know what to pray for so we pray knowing that the Spirit knows what we need. As a result we get revolutionary knowledge, meaning it reveals something to you and you have the choice wether or not to adhere to it


Explain why we are placing our hope in the glory of God.

We place our hope in the glory of God, because we who live by the Spirit have string faith. This faith helps us believe in those we do not understand.


What does it mean to be "more than a conqueror"?

Instead of you winning and putting all of your faith in your earthly accomplishments you do God's work which lasts past this earthly life. God's works are bigger than yourself and you have to have faith in the progress you cannot see, and may never see in your earthly life. Life isn't about winning, but loving everyone on an equal level, everyone is equal.


According to Romans 9:14 God's justice " does not depend on man's desire or effort, but on _____ ______.

God's Mercy


What is the teaching in Romans 9 when referencing Pharaoh followed by Romans 9:20 "But who are you, O man, to talk back to God"?

That man has limited understanding, therefore we cannot hope to fully understand God and everything He does or why He does it,


What was Pilate's job?

He was the governor of that nation of Israel, under Roman authority. His job was to keep the peace.


Did Pilate believe that Jesus was an innocent man?

Pilate believe Jesus was an innocent man


Who did Jesus say was primarily responsible for his death?

The Jewish holidays


What did Jesus say was His purpose of being sent to Earth?

To bring the Truth to the World, and give humans a change to be justified to God through Christ


What did Pilate believe about Truth?

It was relative to him and only fit into his understanding. He had no desire or interest to learn about the Truth Christ was talking about.


What was the primary motivation of the Jewish leaders?

To maintain their power


Who did Pilate agree to give Jesus' body to?

Joseph of armethia and Nicodemus


Which Jewish leader clearly believed Jesus was the Messiah, base upon the evidence of his presence at claiming Jesus' body?



What are the five ways in which Pilate tries to absolve himself from accepting responsibility for Jesus being sentenced to death?

1.not accept that there was a problem or that he was responsible. He pawned off Jesus to Herod.
2. Offered a compromise. Choose Jesus or Barabus
3. False display of contempt, the whipping and flogging of Jesus 
4. Washed his hands of responsibility
5. Tries to take a responible act


What was Pilate's primary motivation to set Jesus free?

To keep the peace with the Jewish leaders and his wife


What is the primary reason Pilate had fear?

Pilate has fear of the unknown and that if what Christ said was true then that would actually make him responsible for his actions.


Who warned Pilate not to have anything to do with Jesus?

Pilate's wife


Who did the Jewish leaders say was their king?



What sign did Pilate place on Jesus' cross?

King of the Jews; written in Aramaic, Greek, and Latin


What was the language of the sign that was meant for the Jewish people?



What was the language on the sign that was meant for the sculpture of the day?



What was the language on the sign that was meant for the intellectuals, wealthy, and powerful of the day?