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What are the steps in the cycle of sin?

1.People follow God and everything is going good
2. Get comfortable, and want to stay comfortable
3. The consequence of this is selfishness 
4. The result of selfishness is a depraved mind
5. Then you repent 


List the 13 parables.

1. The parable of the sower
2. The parable of the weeds 
3. The parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl
4. The parable of the net
5. The parable of the wandering sheep
6. The parable of the unmercifully servant
7. The parable of the workers in the vineyard
8. The parable of the two sons
9. The parable of the tenants
10. The parable the wedding banquet
11. The parable of the ten virgins
12. The parable of the bags of gold
13. The parable of the mustard seed and the yeast


Explain the parable of the sower.

This is trying to explain the different ways people react to the Word: the first example with the bird snatching the seed represents anything in someone's life that acted as a blockade to the Word of God, the second example of the rocky soil is that for a hot second their enthusiast about the Word until an obstacle is in their way and they give up, the third example of the thorns is that both the Word and selfishness are growing in someone's heart and inevitably the selfsuhness choked out God's Word, and the fourth and ideal example with the good soil is that the person absorbed the Word and continually grew and matured in it.


Explain the parable of the weeds.

The Son of Man is the one who sowed the good seed, the field In is the world, the good seed stands for the kingdom, the weeds are those who are I-centered and of consequence serve the devil, the devil sows them. Those who follow Christ will go to heaven and those who follow their own selfishness will go to hell. 


Explain the parable of the hidden treasure and the pearl.

As a Christian you need to take up your earthly things or concerns and just follow what God wants you to do.


Explain the parable of the net.

The parable of the net is talking about the judgement when God will tke up everyone who has faith in Christ and lives God-centered and takes them into heaven. Those who do not will be cast out. So there is a huge responsibility for followers of Christ to widen the net and try to save as many people as possible. 


Explain the parable of the wandering sheep.

This parable teaches that we are valuable to God and He seeks after us. This is a metaphor for how God loves all of us equally and wants everyone to be saved, He gives everyone the same oppurtunity to be saved.


Explain the parable of unmerciful servant.

This parable teaches that we have been forgiven by God and are therefore called to forgive others.


Explain the parable of the workers in the vineyard.

This is how some believers believe they are more entitled to things than others. They use self justification to judge others. The moral of the story is that everyone is equal before God, so no one has the right to judge anyone.


Explain the parable of the two sons.

This parable teaches that actions speak louder than words in showing who really will repent and believe.


Explain the parable of the tenants.

This parable teaches that we are caretakers not owners of our lives


Explain the parable of the wedding banquet.

The banquet is open to everyone but they avidly choose not to go to the banquet and instead stay in poverty. Mankind often chooses to live in their own selfishness instead of living for God.


Explain the parable of the ten virgins.

Half of the virgins followed Christ and the other half chose not to, they wanted to but they were to late. This is a cautionary tale you need to be ready because you never know when you time will come, and the time is not on your terms. Once you die it's too late to try and accept Christ. 


Explain the parable of bags of gold.

This parable shows two good servants, they spread the Word of God. Then one servant kept it secret, because he was afraid of opposition. The one servant shows an I-centered perspective, because he was more concerned with how he felt than what God need him to do.


Explain the parable of the mustard seed and the yeast.

Both parables are talking about how something that seems small and insignificant can grow in size.


Sin entered the world through _______.



Grace entered the world through __________.



The law allows us to be more _________ of our sin.



What increases as our sin increases?



What is our "old self" that is described as dying with Christ in Romans, chapter 6,?

The person who wanted to do whatever they wanted to do, whenever they wanted to do it.


What does it mean to have a mortal body?

Our physical self will die along with all of our earthly accomplishments


The wages of sin is ______.



The gift of God is ________ _____.

Eternal life


What is the simplistic manner in which humans try to understand the world?



What is the name given that describes the people humans surround themselves with to support their thinking?



Why do humans choose to live in a subculture to find their identity?

The subculture never challenges them; it reinforces their idea and therefore they remain comfortable.


How does living in a subculture prevent humans from transitioning past point 2 of the outline?

Pt hey always stay comfortable and never get uncomfortable in order to mature and do God's Work


What is the "wretched condition" that Jesus saves humans from?

Being slaves to sin


Give three examples from Galatians 5 of living by the Spirit.

1. Love
2. Peace
3. Patient
4. Self-control


Give three examples from Galatians 5 of living by the sinful nature.

-idolatry and witchcraft
-fits of rage
-selfish ambition
-factions and envy