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Pelvic Girdle

Consists of the...

Iliac crest

Anterior superior iliac spine

Acetabulum (joints femoral head)

Obturator foramen



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Parts of the Femur

Consists of...


Anatomical Neck

Surgical Neck

Greater trochanter

Lesser trochanter


Lateral epicondyle

Lateral condyle

Medial epicondyle

Medial condyle

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Linea Aspera

Is a ridge of roughened surface on the posterior surface of the femur, to which muscles are attached.

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Consists of...

Tibial plateau

Lateral condyle

Medial condyle

Tibial tuberosity

Medial malleolus

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Consists of...

Head of fibula

Lateral malleolus

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Bones of Foot

The talus is the top bone that rotates with the ankle joint.

The calcaneus is the heel bone

Cuboid is in front of the calcaneous

Navicular is in front of the talus

Cruneiforms are in front of the navicular and beside the cuboid

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Hip and Thigh: Anterior View

Be able to identify...

Psoas muscle (going into hip)

Sartorius (crossing leg diagnonally down past knee)

Pectineus (coming off pubis)

Rectus femoris (big muscle below sartorius)

Vastus intermedius (deep below the rectus femoris)

Vastus medialis (big muscle medial to rectus femoris)

Vastus lateralis (big muscle lateral to rectus femoris)

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Hip and Thigh: Posterior

Be able to identify...

Gluteus medius (upper muscle along iliac crest)

Tensor fascia lata (just below gluteus medius)

Gluteus maximus (big muscle in butt)

Gluteus minimus (behind gluteus medius [more anteriorly])

Biceps femoris long head (big muscle runs from hip to knee diagnonally)

Semitendinosus (runs medially to biceps femoris)

Semimembranosus (runs medially to semitendinosus)


Hip and Thigh: Medial View

Be able to identify...

Obturator externus (Small muscle above pectineus)

Adductor brevis (small muscle below pectineus)

Adductor longus (big wide muscle from pubis)

Gracilis (long muscle from pubis to knee)

Adductor magnus (has a hole by the knee)


Pubofemoral Ligament

Attaches from the pubis to the femoral head.


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Iliolumbar Ligament

Attaches from the ilium to the lumbar vertebrae.


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Anterior Iliosacral Ligament

Attaches from the ilium to the sacrum. Visible on the anterior side.


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Iliofemoral Ligament

Attaches the ilium to the femoral head.

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Function of Gluteus Medius and Mimimus

Responsible for contracting the hip at the same time to keep your hip up. This is to allow you to walk properly.

If the person is dragging their leg, it is known as a positive Trendelenburg sign.


Knee Joint

Consists of...

Anterior cruciate ligament

Posterior cruciate ligament

Medial collateral ligament

Lateral collateral ligament

Patellar ligament

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