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Who's responsibility is a scene involving a suspected object/device?

Philadelphia police department, unless and/or until a detonation occurs which may result in a fire.


Who will assume command if a detonation and subsequent fire occurs at a bomb threat?

The on scene PFD IC will assume command and consult with the on scene Bomb Disposal Unit (BDU) supervisor to facilitate the exchange of info to identify possible secondary devices and safety concerns for all personnel.


At a bomb response, Should consideration be given to setting up a unified command?

Yes. So issues involving post-fire conditions, such as, hazardous material run-off, criminal investigation and evidence collection will be optimized.


When will the Philadelphia Police department notify the PFD of a bomb threat?

After a device is discovered.


Who are the only ones that will handle, deactivate, remove, detonate, examine or transport any found or suspected explosive material?

Only Certified Hazardous Device Technicians from the Police Bomb Disposal Unit. The Police Bomb Disposal Unit will be the final authority on the method of disposal.


When a device has been found, but not detonated, what should the PFD commander do?

Coordinate with the Police IC. Designate a staging area in cooperation with the Police IC to insure strict control of all personnel at the scene.


On a bomb threat, Where should the staging area be located and how will PFD operate from the staging area?

A safe minimum distance of 500 feet from the device. From here orders will be issued and members will return to this area upon completion if their assignments, this giving the IC better control.


What will engine companies do at a bomb threat?

Pumped will connect large HARD suctioned to a hydrant and stretch water lines flaked for service. Hydrants close to the building will be avoided as glass from a detonation could fly several hundred feet.


At a bomb threat, Should hose lines be stretched and connected to standpipes and sprinklers if possible?



At a bomb threat, The PFD will aid in evacuations of necessary areas, true or false?



At a bomb threat, Should consideration be given to stretch hose lines to the front and rear of the building to protect evacuation points should a detonation occur?



At a bomb threat, Will an ALS medic unit be dispatched to the scene as well?



At a bomb threat, There will be NO radio transmission and/or cell phone use within how many feet of or line of sight to the suspected device?

500 feet.


At a bomb threat, When is the only time a PFD member is allowed to broadcast over fire radio or use a cell phone?

Under emergency conditions and only if all of the following are met.
a. Must be at least 100 feet away.
b. must be under/behind hard cover (apparatus, building, wall, etc)
c. Never in line if sight of the object.


What should all members wear on a bomb threat call, including the DPOP?

All protective clothing with face shield down.


Who should the IC consider notifying during a bomb threat event?

The utilities. PGW & PECO. As to whether the utilities should be shut down before of after the incident.


If a device detonates or detonated prior to PFD arrival, why should extreme caution be used when performing firefighting and rescue operations?

For the possibility of secondary devices.


What should PFD personnel do if they discover a device?

Move the apparatus 500 feet away and notify FCC. FCC will notify the police department and the police bomb disposal unit. They will also notify the area Deputy Chief and the FMO.


If the PFD discovers a device, should they evacuate the building and adjoining areas?

Yes. Up to a 500 foot perimeter.


True or false, bombs are designed to explode and there is no positive way for the untrained to handle them safely?

True. Moving, shaking, opening, turning or disassembling are all ways in which they detonate. LEAVE IT AS FOUND!

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