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What is the purpose of OP 17 - Water Supply Emergencies?

To establish responsibility for the proper and efficient utilization of available water supply and equipment during an interruption of the normal water supply because of a water main break, power failure, contamination, natural disaster or for any other reason not listed.


What types of agencies may require the assistance of the PFD during a water emergency?

Hospitals, nursing homes, hazardous materials industries, the water department and adjacent communities.


Who, upon becoming aware of an interruption of water supply that may affect the Department's firefighting operations or the health and welfare of the citizens of the City will notify the first-in battalion chief that a water crisis has developed?

The FCC supervisor.


Who will immediately notify the Water department giving the exact location of a water emergency?

The FCC.


Who will inform the local companies of hydrants that are out of service via the Public Address System?

The FCC.


The FCC will upgrade all assignments in the area of the water emergency, true or false?



What will the Battalion Chief do upon notification from FCC of a water emergency?

a. immediately inspect the area of a water emergency to see what, if any, PFD actions are needed.
b. notify the Deputy Chief if in his/her opinion that the water emergency is of a serious nature.
c. Will determine the number & location of hydrants affected and notify FCC.
c. Establish a plan of action to overcome a water emergency.


What will the deputy chief do upon receiving information from the battalion chief about a water emergency?

If he feels firefighting operations would be severely hampered or that other departments, agencies or communities may need our assistance, will notify the on-duty deputy commissioner.


How many 2100 gallon capacity street flushers from the Sanitation Division could be available to provide limited water supply to the PFD in an emergency?



Can the water department reroute water through the city water mains in an emergency and allow the PFD to reverse pump water thought the city mains?

Yes. But reverse pumping must be done in coordination with the Water Department due to the high potential of contamination of the water system and should only be considered as a last resort.


During a water emergency, The PFD can utilize 5" LDH, 3 1/2" or 3" hose line to relay water in conjunction with marine units and/or land based companies, true or false?



True or false, drafting sites along each river can be utilized as an emergency source of water, in addition to swimming pools, ponds, etc.



True or false, many waterfront industries draw water from the river for commercial use and the PFD may be able to utilize this in an emergency?



When possible, water can be pooled in the area of a water main break, or possibly in a low grade area from which our units can draft, true or false?



What is any hydrant that is being operated without a proper permit or PFD issued sprinkler cap.

Illegally or improperly used fire hydrants.


What will the deputy chief do when notified by FCC that the PWD has informed them of low water availability or pressure cause by the large number of illegally opened hydrants in his/her division?

a. Direct a fire officer to the PWD's load control center at 29th & Cambria sts. to act as the department's liaison with water personnel for the duration of the emergency. (if both divisions are effected Deputy 2 will assign a fire officer to the load control center)
b. notify the on-duty Deputy Fire Commissioner giving all info.
c. Notify the BC in his/her division that are affected to direct those companies to go on radio for fire hydrant shutdown.


What will the BC do when instructed by the DC of the need to shutdown fire hydrants?

Schedule the shutdown so that no more than half the companies within their battalion are on radio at one given time, unless instructed by the DC to do so.


In a water emergency, What are the responsibilities of the Water Operations Officer?

As directed by the DC will report without delay to the PWD's load control center and assume the duties of Department Liaison with water department personnel. And periodically report on the progress to the DC.


The FCC is required to maintain a log noting all PFD activity related to the water emergency, true or false?



What should the Company officer do if there is any doubt as to the safety of personnel or apparatus while attempting to shutdown illegally opened fire hydrants?

Immediately leave the area and notify FCC to inform police for assistance.


Should companies be extra careful when responding to an alarm while out on hydrant shutdowns?

Yes. Because other units will not be responding from there normal locations.


Should companies on radio for hydrant shutdowns automatically return to their stations upon receipt of a second alarm?

No. The available Deputy Chief will make this determination after consulting with the fireground commander and the water department.

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