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Who is an officer responsible for providing and coordinating all support for an emergency incident from Department resources and department related agencies. Including water supply, communications and R&R activities.

Logistics Officer.


When a 2nd alarm is dispatched, 4 BC's will be sent. Which chief is the Logistics Officer?

The first in BC on the 2nd alarm.


Who should establish a water communications post utilizing him/herself, the BC aide or the logistics company officer stationed at the communications vehicle to relay orders and coordinate water supply using the designated fireground channel?

Logistics officer (BC).


Who should the logistics officer obtain water maps from to assist with coordinating water supply?

1st in BC's car, first or second in engine or Field Comm 1.


Who will give instructions to arriving companies pertaining to water supply via the radio or designate a member from the logistics company to relay orders?

Logistics Officer.


What type of companies will be dispatched on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th alarms and should be made aware of 12" or greater water mains that are available?

Pipeline Companies.


Should the logistics officer keep the IC informed of water supply conditions?



Who will the logistics officer utilize to survey the fireground for available hydrants, pumped with available outlets & a pumping potential (15lbs or more), available outlets on 5" manifolds, or unused equipment (pumpers, hose line mater stream appliances)?

Members of the logistics company.


What should the logistics officer do with the water department supervisor who responds automatically on a 2nd alarm?

Ensure that he reports to FCOM 1 & is assigned a portable radio with the designation of W-1.


What should the logistics officer do as soon as conditions on the fireground stabilize?

Survey the fireground for available members. They can be utilized if necessary in other locations or removed from the fireground to place makeup companies in service.


Should the logistics officer open streets to traffic as soon as possible?



Who will survey and recommend to the IC the companies that can be returned to service?

Logistics officer (BC).


What will the logistics officer do prior to a change of shift?

Determine the exact location of all companies requiring relief and relay this info to the Command post.


Where will companies report to when relieving on the fireground?

Command post. They will then be given the location of their company.


Is the Logistics officer evaluation sheet required on all extra alarms?

Yes. If relieved on the fireground, both logistics officers will consolidate their reports.


What document must the logistics officer complete upon returning to the station?

A logistics officer evaluation sheet. Containing- problems encountered, defective hydrants, low water pressure, pumpers going into vacuum. As well as any problems with the water department supervisor or communications issues.


What additional duties can the IC assign to the logistics officer ( as per OP#19)?

Communications and responders' rehab.


What company will be the 1st engine dispatched on a 2nd alarm?

The logistics company. They will report to the logistics officer and assist in the many service and support functions, including water supply.


Who is responsible to remain constantly informed of changing conditions in their local district in regard to water supply?

Battalion chiefs. They will relay any info in regard to water supply to the companies in their battalion.


Which is the only engine company allowed to secure a 3" backup line?

1st in engine. All others must obtain a hydrant and supply the pumper with no less than a 5" supply line. Unless otherwise ordered by the IC.


Unless otherwise ordered by the IC, what supply line will all 2nd alarm or greater engine companies use?

Hard suction.


Who is responsible to ensure all members are fully trained in proper operation of domestic water hydrants, water relay pumping, drafting and LDH operations?

Company officer.


In the absence of specific orders, what will all 2nd alarm companies do upon arrival?

Obtain a hydrant, connect with hard suction and report to Alpha (1st and 3rd) or charlie ( 2nd and 4th).


In the absence of specific orders, what will all 3rd alarm and greater companies do upon arrival?

Obtain a hydrant, connect with hard suction and report to staging area.


Who will inform the logistics officer if their apparatus is not being utilized or if they have available hose line or master stream appliances?

The company officer.


Who will inform the logistics officer or a member of the logistics company if their pump pressure drops to a point where a supplemental line is needed, if they have unused outlets and their pump is capable of supplying another line, if there are unused hydrants in the area or draft sites?

Pump operators. They are also responsible to monitor the compound gauge before pumping and during the entire operation.


Who will ensure that hydrants are properly secured and capped before leaving the fireground?

Company officer.


How will sprinkler/standpipe connections be made?

Water will only be supplied via a pumper connected to a domestic water supply. These pumpers will not be supplements by lines from draft or marine units.

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