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What will incident commanders do at all expressway incidents?

Reroute or return equipment as needed, maintain communications with FCC giving updates, keep safety foremost in their mind.


What will the first arriving units do on expressway incidents?

Use extreme caution, safety first! And keep incoming units apprised of changing conditions.


What will the first ladder on the expressway do?

Assume the role of safety company.


Will all warning lights be utilized at all times while operating on the expressway?



What duties will the safety company perform?

Work in conjunction with police, place apparatus at least 50' to the rear of the operating pumper with all warning lights on, place guide persons an appropriate distance from the scene with a portable radio. Guide persons must constantly monitor traffics conditions in case of a secondary collision.


Can fire apparatus use expressway turnarounds or cross over from one direction to another?

Yes, but extreme caution must be used. Crossovers may be made at official or unofficial turn arounds. Police should be on location for this maneuver.


Are sand trucks and street flushers available to the IC if needed on the expressway?

Yes, must be requested via FCC.


What equipment will FCC dispatch to an accident on the expressway?

1 engine, 1 ladder, 1 medic unit & 1 BC.


What equipment will FCC dispatch to a reported fire on the expressway?

1 engine & 1 ladder.


What equipment will FCC dispatch to a spill response on the expressway?

1 engine & 1 ladder. At reduced speed.


What may be used as an excellent vantage point for apparatus placement and evacuation during a major incident on the expressway?



May fences need to be breached in order to get supplemental water supply from hydrants to the incident?


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