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Their sole purpose is to be immediately available to assist a firefighter who becomes trapped or in distress.

Rapid Intervention Team (RIT).


How many companies need to go into service for a RIT ladder to be dispatched?

2&2 on a tactical or box assignment. Additionally the chief can request a RIT on any special operation.


The RIT must have their SCBA's donned and prepared go into service immediately with the following tools?

SCOTT RIT-PAK, life belts, at least one rescue/guide rope, 2 radios, halligan & ax, saw w/ multipurpose blade, rabbit tool, hand lights w/ sling strap, and a ferno basket.


This term shall be reserved ONLY to report a member who is in distress, lost, trapped, out of air, or down; a collapse or serious injury to a firefighter.

MAYDAY- MAYDAY Radio Transmission.


A signal ordered by the IC when emergency incident scene conditions dictate the urgent need to order the immediate departure of all members from the area of imminent danger.

Emergency Evacuation Signal. The signal will be in sets of 3 blasts from an apparatus air horn as well as a radio transmission. All members will return to apparatus and take roll.


Does another RIT ladder get dispatched if the original RIT goes into service?



FCC will notify the Deputy Chief when the RIT is placed into service, true or false?



The RIT officer should NOT try to contact the troubled firefighter, true or false?

False. Additionally the IC may elect to switch the companies on the fireground to another tac channel in order to limit radio traffic for the RIT.


What will the RIT companies radio designation be?

RIT followed by the ladder number. e.g. RIT 23.


What information should the RIT frequently update the IC with?

Hazards encountered, Barriers/obstructions, victim location and condition, & any needs.


Does the MAYDAY-MAYDAY transmission have to come from the lost or trapped firefighter?

No. Anyone can call a MAYDAY for any other member when they feel someone is in danger.


What will the IC do when a MAYDAY is placed under control?

The IC will make a fireground wide announcement.


What does the RIT do when they arrive in the emergency scene?

Report to Command Post, then the officer with one member will survey the incident. Throughout the incident the RIT must continue to size up the scene and monitor the radio and make note of where each company is operating.


Where should the RIT be located?

Within verbal contact distance from the command post. They will do a size up and can obtain VBI plans and assess the incident for safety concerns during there size up.


Where should the RIT stage at a high rise fire?

Operations Command Post.


Can the IC call for multiple RIT companies at larger events?



What info should the IC give to the RIT company when a firefighter is in need of rescue?

The number of missing firefighters and their assigned company, last known location, the entrance used by the FF's, their path into the area, and building hazards.


A chief officer will be assigned to oversee the rescue operation, true or false?

True. Additional resources may be called as well.


What should the RIT do when locating a downed firefighter?

Go to the last known location and listen for a PASS device, tapping or cries for help. If fire is in the search area a backup team with a charged hose line should follow the RIT team.


What should the RIT do when they have located the down firefighter?

If necessary, use the buddy breathing system, turn off PASS device, provide IC with conditions report and any resources needed, and consider any ventilation options to improve visibility.


How long should the RIT search for once placed in service?

Until the missing FF is found and removed, the RIT is relieved, or they are ordered to abandon the search operation.


Can the RIT be used to provide relief for other operating units?

No. The RIT should not be used for firefighting.


Can an engine company be assigned RIT duties?



When a designated RIT performs Distress duties, the IC must forward a detailed report of such duties through channels to the Deputy Commisioner of Operations, true or false?



What happens if a member goes down prior to the RIT's arrival?

The IC shall utilize companies in stand by mode, companies in the process of taking up, or any available members -e.g. Uncommitted DPOP's, chief's aides, etc. once the RIT arrives the other members will return to their previous duties.


How much does the RIT-PAK weigh?

Approximately 32 lbs.


What equipment is in the RIT-PAK?

1- 60 min SCBA bottle and mask.
1- SCBA regulator.
1- Pressure reducer w/ 20' of low pressure hose.
1- 125' S&R rope with locking D rings.
5- 15' guide lines, w/ non locking D rings.
2 straps of webbing (16' & 30').
Hand tools
1- 100' of kernmantle rescue rope 9mm.
2- 5' kernmantle rescue rope sections 7mm.
RIT checklist packet.

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