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When will the PFD initiate a cease operations order?

When a condition(s) have been observed which present an acute danger to life or property and the situation requires immediate action.


When a cease operations order is imposed on a property, should all occupants be evacuated and all activities terminated?



What gives the PFD and L&I the authority to institute a cease operations order when a condition(s) are observed that present an immediate danger to life or property?

The Administrative Code, section A-505.


What is an order given to the owner or occupant of a property to cease operations and vacate the premises as a result of a condition(s) which are an immediate danger to life and property?

Cease operations order. Initially the order can be verbal, followed by a written notice.


What city agency administers and enforces the city's code requirements for the enhancement of safety. These include health, fire, housing, business and zoning regulations?

L&I. They are responsible for regulating the conduct of businesses and persons by issuing licenses, conducting inspections and enforcing applicable codes and regulations.


What will the CO do when they observe a condition(s) in a building that, in the CO's judgement presents an immediate danger to life or property?

Request via FCC that a BC respond to the property.


What will the BC do when requested to respond for a possible cease operations?

M-F 0800-1630 the BC will conduct an evaluation and if he agrees will request that FCC contacts L&I for an L&I inspector. Also request FCC to make the proper notifications.

L&I Housing Unit for residential
L&I commercial and industrial fire inspection unit for other types.

During all other hours, BC will request the on-duty assistant Fire Marshall to respond.


What will the FMO do when responding on a cease operations?

On-scene review and documentation of conditions. Photographs of existing Fire Code violations, completion of a report of findings and actions. A summary will go in dept activities.


When a cease operations is instituted, the FMO will request FCC to notify whom?

The on-call deputy Commisioner
Deputy chief of appropriate division
On-call command Fire Marshal
Supervisor of police district
Any other necessary agency (Red Cross)
L&I the next business day.


Regardless of whether or not a cease operations is instituted, when fire code violations are identified, what form will be prepared and forwarded ASAP?

Fire Inspection Referral Form.

Email to LiHelp@phila.gov


What must be done before a cease operations is lifted?

A reinspection shall be performed by L&I to ensure compliance with violations that necessitated the cease operations. All effected agencies will be notified.


What types of conditions would constitute a cease operations?

1. Improper storage of hazmats
2. Fire alarm or sprinkler that is not working throughout a residential or institutional occupancy and no fire watch program has been instituted.
3. Structural conditions of such a nature that the building is in immediate danger of total collapse.
4. Any combination of violations that cannot wait to be processed through the normal referral system.

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