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What are an integral part of the PFD's Fire Prevention Program and provide additional exposure in the community, enhancing public relations as we discover violations of the Fire Prevention Code or other hazardous conditions that could cause a fire or endanger life?

Block Inspections.


While performing Block Inspections, members should remember that professional appearance, courtesy, and concern present a positive image of the PFD, true or false?



In what two ways will block inspections be recorded?

Regular or Referral.


What are those inspections which reveal no violations or hazards, or only minor violations which can be corrected immediately?

Regular inspections.


What are those inspections that reveal violations of the Fire Prevention Code or conditions dangerous to life and property?

Referral Inspections.


When does the Block Inspection Program start each year?

On the second Monday in January.


When are block checks to be performed? What days and times?

Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.
Div 1 0950-1150 & 1250 - 1550 hrs.
Div 2 1000-1200 & 1300- 1600 hrs.


When will the FCC announce whether conditions? What temperatures will block inspections not be done?

0805 hrs & 1205 hrs.
If the weather is below 40 F or above 85 F block checks will Not be performed.


Will block inspections be performed during a multiple alarm fire?

No. Companies will return to their station as soon as a second alarm is struck.


What does a company do if they are not going out on block inspections as scheduled?

Notify their Battalion Chief.


Who is responsible for coordinating block inspections in their division?

Deputy Chiefs.


Who is responsible for the coordination and quality of block inspections on their platoon within their Battalion?

Battalion Chief.


Who will assign block inspections, VBI's & pre-plans to each platoon in their station?

Company captain.


Who will ensure that all members under their command have a working knowledge of the block inspection program, fire code, fire safety inspection report form, complaint report by city employee form and other relevant material( CSN's & GM's).

Company officers.


How are block inspections divided up?

An engine companies local (or single Ladder's local) will be divided into four sections ( 1 per platoon). These sections will be rotated annually.


How many companies will perform inspections in the morning/afternoon?

Half the battalion will perform them in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. These times will be alternated weekly.


How many members of the company will perform block inspections?

Including the company officer, block inspections will be performed on teams of 2 or 3. The driver will stay with the apparatus. On an engine the CO & 2 FF's will work as a team. On a ladder, the CO & 1 FF will be a team and the 2 other FF's will be a team.


What form will be used during block inspections?

Fire safety inspection report. Located on the P drive.


What properties will be inspected?

All properties in a companies district except 1 & 2 family dwellings. They will only be inspected upon request by the owner or tenant.


Is a fire safety inspection report form required for each building in a property?



If a building requires a VBI, what should the CO do?

Prepare or update the VBI. Then enter the info into the Firehouse database in the occupancy module. Make sure the entire company reviews the VBI & place a paper copy in the apparatus.


What do you do if you see an unsafe condition such as defective traffic signals, missing directional signs, missing sewer inlet covers, potholes, etc?

Report it via email to the city's 311 Call Center using the Complaint report by City employee. For serious conditions requiring immediate attention, notify the FCC via fire radio.


What should companies do if they encounter a building without a visible address?

Notify the owner that the address on the exterior of the building is a requirement of the fire code (F-505.1) and important to ensure that emergency responders are not delayed locating a building.


True or false, block inspections are a great opportunity for driver training and to familiarize personnel with their local district.



How often should companies tour buildings that are under construction or renovation and what should they look for?

On a regular basis. Members should note type of construction, use of truss, wood I-beams, etc. and how it would effect fire fighting.


What should the CO do if an unusual numbering system is found on a building under construction?

Notify FCC.


Are standpipes required to be operational when the building is under construction or renovation?

Yes. At least one standpipe must be working when flooring is in place 40 feet or more above street level. Standpipe hose connections are required to be in service on all floors below the top floor under construction.


Companies responding to an alarm while on block inspections will return to inspections unless of what two things?

a. An extensive fire or EMS run necessitates returning to the station to clean personnel or equipment.
b. the CO deems it necessary to return to the station.


What should companies do when responding to an alarm while our on block inspections?

Be careful of other responding units as they may not be responding from their usual location.


Are you required to notify FCC when going on radio to start block inspections?



While the company is performing block inspections what is the driver's responsibility?

Maintain radio communication with the company and FCC & secure the apparatus. If a run is received the driver will alert the other members by radio or siren.


How should the members performing block inspections maintain communications with FCC and the driver?

They should monitor their portable radios and remain within range of hearing the siren.


True or false, a folder will be maintained containing department, battalion, or company policies and procedures relevant to block inspections?



How are block check folders maintained at the company level?

A folder for each block in the local will be maintained and a drawing will be made on the front showing all streets contained in the folder. Folders will be in numerical order and the Fire Safety Inspection reports will be retained in the appropriate folder.


How are the Fire Inspection Referral reports maintained?

An "action pending" folder will be established for the retention of fire inspection referral reports sent to the 311 Call Center (copy of email).


How are Fire Department Variance Letters maintained at company level?

First in engine companies will receive a copy where the property is located in their district. The variance letter will be attached to the inside cover of the block check folder, retained permanently, & referred to when inspecting the property.


How often do companies update the battalion chief of block check progress?

Companies will record the number of regular and referral inspections performed each day. If no inspections were performed that day, the reason will be noted. This info will be placed on the Company Block Check Progress Report and forwarded to the battalion chief every Saturday morning.


What do battalion chiefs do with the company block check progress reports?

The battalion chief will consolidate the figures on the Battalion Block Check Progress Report and send it to the Deputy Chief each Sunday morning.


What do Deputy Chiefs do with the Battalion Block Check Progress reports?

They will consolidate their figures for the entire division and send them to Fire Prevention Division every Monday.


What happens when a platoon completes their block inspections?

A memo stating this will be sent, through channels, to the Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention Division.


The FPD will maintain a record by company of Block Inspections completed each week and completion of the inspections for the year, true or false?


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