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Which of the following types of the heroes virus is associated with the face and oral cavity and not necessarily the genitals and skin of the lower body?

Herpes simplex, type 1


A gingival disease is characterized by painful hyperemia gingiva punched out erosions of the interdental papillae, covered by a gray pseudomembrane, and with an accompanying fetid odor is most probably?

Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis


Dental caries is an infectious disease. It is the only infectious disease in which tissue is destroyed in the absence of cell injury and inflammation?

Both statements are true


Warts and papillomas are both found on Pedunculated bases. Both owe their etiology to viral infections.

Both statements are true


Upon examination a 4 year old child is found to have intensely inflamed gingival, difficultly in swallowing, fever, lymphadenopathy and small fluid filled vesicles in the oral cavity. The diagnosis is probably?

Herpetic gingivostomatitis


The phenomenon of "strawberry tongue" is associated with which of the following diseases?

Scarlet fever


A false membrane consisting of grayish, thick, fibrous exudate and dead cells is MOST commonly associated with?



Patients with bulemia commonly suffer from?

Erosion, gastric acid decalcification of the teeth, severe dental caries (ALL OF THE ABOVE)


Bruxism is a pathologic manifestation of which of the following conditions?



The MOST common complication in the healing of human tooth extraction wounds is the condition known as?

Dry socket


A ranulabis specifically associated with?

The floor of the mouth


A cyst that remains after or develops subsequent to an extraction of a tooth is a

Residual cyst


The central giant cell granuloma is not a destructive lesion. Radiographically appears Radiopaque

Both statements are false


Peripheral giant cell granuloma a always occur

On the gingiva or abroad process


A grayish white, thickened, multinodular popular appearance of the palate with a small red spot in the center of each nodule, found only in smokers, describes which of the following conditions?

Stomatitis nicotina


The nerve ganglia most commonly affected by heroes simplex virus type 1 is the?

Trigeminal nerve