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What happened in 1949 that launched Peterson's international career?

American impresario Norman Granz arranged for him to appear on "Jazz at the Philharmonic" at Carnegie Hall in NYC. Gave sensational performance


Who was Gould's piano teacher?

his mother, at 4 years old


Where and when did Peterson teach?

taught part time at York University beginning in 1985, and served as chancellor from 1991-1994


Give some details on Peterson's Hymn to Freedom

- gospel inspired song
- later arranged for choir
- text expresses hope and brotherhood among all people
- 1 of 6 songs performed at 2009 inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama


Where was Gould born/raised?



What was evident at age 3 in Gould?

absolute/perfect pitch


Who was a companion of the Order of Canada and a member of the Order of Ontario?



Describe Gould's style of piano playing.

- lean and clearly articulated, although he could also be expressive and lyrical
- experimented in extremes in tempo, quirky phrasing, and ornamentation


In what year did Gould permanently retire from public performance?



How many Grammys and Junos did Peterson win?

7 Grammy awards, 2 Juno awards


Gould made a historic recording of what in 1955, and when did he re-record the work?

- "Goldberg Variations"
- 1981


What years did Glenn Gould live?



Who was internationally recognized, but based himself in Canada throughout his long and distinguished career?



How did Peterson gain national recognition in his teens?

performances in nightclubs, hotels, and on CBC Radio


Describe Peterson's playing.

great technical facility, clear articulation, tremendous skill and ability


When was the Oscar Peterson Trio formed and who was a part of it?

- 1953
- Ray Brown (bass)
- Herb Ellis (guitar)
- toured USA under Norman Granz's management


Who did Peterson take piano lessons from?

- first lessons with older sister Daisy, who became a respected piano teacher
- at age 15, began studying with Paul de Marky: Hungarian born pianist whose teacher had been a student of Franz Liszt


Where did Gould study, and what did he study?

- the Toronto Conservatory of Music (now the Royal Conservatory of Music)
- studied theory, organ, and piano
- obtained the conservatory's highest degree: the Associate Diploma, at age 12 with the highest marks ever awarded at the time


Who also wrote film and tv scores, and completed commissions including music for the 1998 Calgary Winter Olympic Games?



Where did Peterson live?

Montreal (hometown) until 1958, Toronto, Mississauga


Who made extensive annual concert tours in the 1950s, and appeared with many major orchestras and conductors in North America and abroad?



Who was born into a musical family and was 1 of 5 children?



What did Gould do after retiring from public performance?

- devoted himself to studio recording, broadcasting, filmmaking. Preferred this controlled environment to what he felt was the artificiality of the concert stage
- produced countless programs for CBC Radio and television, favoured radio and TV recitals that were unified thematically or tied together with his own spoken commentary


Give some details on Peterson's Canadiana Suite

- each track inspired by a different region of Canada
- "my musical portrait of the Canada I love"
- "Ballad of the East" is an ode to the Maritimes
- "Place St. Henri" is a musical snapshot of his Montreal neighbourhood


Name some awards that Peterson received.

- DownBeat Award for best jazz pianist 13 times between 1950-1972
- numerous Canadian and international awards: Glenn Gould Prize (1993); Unesco International Music Prize, Order of Arts and Letters in France; Society for American Music Award, Praemium Imperiale Award (Novel equivalent for the arts)
- recipient of 13 honorary doctorates, 8 "Hall of Fame" awards: Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (1997), BBC Radio, Atlanta International Jazz Society, Bosendorfer Piano Company, Governor General of Canada, City of Toronto


What are Peterson's most famous recordings?

- most popular are the numerous Oscar Peterson Trio recordings (1951-1958) with Ellis and Brown
- "Night Train" (1963)
- "History of the Artist" (1973)
- several video documentaries on his life and work including "Songs in the Key of Oscar", and the CD/DVD "A Night in Vienna"


What years did Oscar Peterson live?



Who are some major stars that Peterson recorded with?

- Charlie Parker
- Ella Fitzgerald
- Dizzy Gillespie
- Louis Armstrong
- Duke Ellington
- Count Basie


Name some of the awards Gould received.

- Harriet Cohen Bach Medal
- Honorary Doctorate from the University of Toronto
- Canadian Confederation Medal
- Canada Council’s Molson Prize
- The Canadian Music Council Medal and Grand Prix du Disque
- named to Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences’ Hall of Fame (1983)
- Grammy Award (1983, 1984) and Juno Awards (1983, 1984)


Who published 4 volumes of "Jazz Exercises" and "Pieces For the Young Jazz Pianist"?



Describe Gould's controversial performance in 1962

- Brahms concerto no. 1 with Leonard Bernstein (renowned conductor)
- before the performance, Bernstein expressed his reservations regarding Gould's interpretation, while at the same time acknowledging his respect for Gould's artistry and individuality


When was the Glenn Gould Foundation established and what does it do?

- established in Toronto in 1983
- awards a triennial $50,000 Glenn Gould prize in music and communication
- sponsors the Friends of Glenn Gould Society
- publishes the semi-annual journal “Glenngould”


Who cofounded the Advanced School of Contemporary Music in Toronto in the 1960s?



Where and when did Gould make his professional recital debut?

- Toronto's Eaton Auditorium
- 1947


Name the 2 DVDs about Gould.

- “The Alchemist” (2003)
- “Hereafter” (2005)


Who died in October 1982 at 50 years old after suffering a stroke?



Who is Norman Granz?

- arranged for the performance that launched Peterson's international career
- served as Peterson's manager until 1998


Who was Peterson influenced by?

- Nat "King" Cole: pianist-singer
- Art Tatum: virtuoso jazz pianist


Name 2 of Peterson's best known works.

- "Hymn to Freedom"
- "Canadiana Suite" (nominated for Grammy)


Name 5 ways Gould was honoured after his death.

- papers and personal effects housed at National Library of Canada and Canadian Museum of Civilization
- childhood home now a historic site
- Canada Post issued a 1999 stamp to honor him
- 5 major conferences held between 1987-1999 to examine his life and work; numerous smaller Gould events have been held throughout the world
- Since his death, his international following has continued to grow; popular figure on the internet; subject of fan sites, databases, discussion groups


As a composer, what style was Peterson's music?

jazz trends from the 1940s from traditional blues, gospel, and stride piano, to the more progressive bebop style


Name 3 other things that were named after Gould.

- the Glenn Gould Memorial Scholarship Fund at the University of Toronto
- the Glen Gould Professional School at the RCM
- the Glenn Gould Studio at CBC


What did Gould's unconventional choice of performance repertoire include?

16th and 17th century keyboard music, plenty of Bach, a small selection of Classical and Romantic works, and a generous amount of 20th century music, incl. works by Canadian composers and the complete piano works of Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern


When did Gould make his CBC Radio broadcast debut and what significance did it have?

- 1950
- marked the beginning of his lifelong interest in recording technology: realized he could improve performances, wanted to create the perfect, artistic conception


Describe Gould's posture at the piano

- unusual posture at the piano and unconventional stage mannerisms generated much criticism
- used a battered wooden folding chair modified by his father for most of his life. Famous chair allowed him to sit very low at the keyboard in unorthodox position


Solo and concerto performances as a student earned critical acclaim for who?



Name 6 of Gould's recordings.

- “Goldberg Variations” (1955, re-recorded in 1981)
- “The Well-Tempered Clavier” books 1 and 2
- Symphony No. 5 in C Minor (Beethoven-Liszt)
- “Music of Arnold Schoenberg”
- “Glenn Gould Plays His Own Transcriptions”
- “Brahms: Ten Intermezzi”