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what do alcohols cause?

CNS depression (GABA mimetic activity) and metabolic acidosis


what is the treatment for overdose with methanol and ethylene glycol?

fomepizole (long acting inhibitor of alcohol dehydrogenase) - protects against metabolic acidosis


what drug interaction do alcohols have? effect?

metronidazole, chlorpropamide, griseofulvin mixed with alcohol cause dislfiram-like effects


what causes the effects of a hangover?

N/V, headache, hypotension caused by acetaldehyde


what does acetaldehyde toxicity cause?

increased sociability, gait disturbances, increased reaction time, ataxia, impaired motor and mental skills, impaired memory, coma, death


what does chronic alcoholism cause?

hypoglycemia, fatty liver/lipemia, muscle wasting, gout (lactate compete with urate for excretion)