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Amato andKeith's (1991) meta-analysis of the divorce outcome literature found that divorce had the strongest impact on children's:



From the perspective of object relations theory, the critical issue underlying borderline personality characteristics in children and adolescents is:



Habituation is a function of:

number of repetitions


Which of the following groups has the highest rate of admission to private and state/county mental hospital inpatient services:

never married men


The direct pathway from the thalamus to the amygdala is responsible for what?

Responding rapidly to threatening stimuli


According to DSM, what percentage of people with a diagnosis of panic disorder also have agoraphobia?



Kurt Lewin described the process of organization change as involving three states:

unfreezing, changing, and refreezing


What happens when reinforcement is removed from one behavior while another behavior continues to be reinforced?

Removal of reinforcement from a previously reinforced behavior typically results in an increase in another reinforced behavior. This is referred to as behavioral contrast.


One distinguishing feature between Alzheimer's Disease and Vascular Dementia is that in Vascular Dementia:

the course is erratic rather than progressive


Edgar Schein proposed that at least in part, organizational culture acts as:

a defense mechanism that helps organizational members avoid uncertainty and anxiety.


What type of seizure affects movement and sensation, usually on one side of the body, and without a loss of consciousness?

A simple partial


Research by Sue and Colleagues (1991) found that matching therapist and client in terns of face/ethnicity:

improves treatment outcomes and reduces premature termination for members of some groups but not for others.


Mental health professionals are sometimes called upon to assist the court in assessing a person's potential for violent behavior. In general, the predictions made by psychologists and psychiatrists yield and abundance of:

false positives


A practitioner of motivation interviewing would most likely emphasize what types of techniques?

Techniques that help the therapist communicate empathy.


What are milestone programs?

Programs aimed at people experiencing a transition (e.g. retirement).


What is primary prevention?

Programs being developed for a particular population rather than individuals.


What is secondary prevention?

Prevention programs aimed at specific individuals who have been identified as being at high-risk. As originally defined, it always includes some type of screening process.


What is a tertiary program?

A program for people who have already suffered mental health problems. Its purpose is to reduce the risk for relapse or a continuation or worsening of the problem.


From the perspective of attachment theory, a therapy client's transference is a manifestation of:

an internal working model


According to Patterson and his colleagues, aggression in children is linked to the use of coercive discipline by their parents. In turn, the parents' use of coercive discipline is directly related to:

the parents' personality characteristics and the child's temperament


What is the most effective means of establishing a conditioned response?

delay conditioning


In terms of anxiety disorders, GAD has the highest comorbidity rate. What is the most common co-diagnosis for GAD?

Social Phobia


In terms of medical illness in children, in terms of communication, the best strategy for parents is to:

give the child info about his/her illness that is consistent with the child's developmental level


What side effects might a 42-year-old woman have after beginning to take lithium carbonate as a treatment for Bipolar Disorder?

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain


Relationship investigating the relationship between leader intelligence and leader effectiveness has found a ______ relationship between these two variables.

weak positive


To assess the reliability of a characteristic that fluctuates in severity or intensity over time, you would be best advised to use which coefficient?

Coefficient of internal consistency


An electolyte is a possible complication of bulimia nervosa. The danger of this complication lies in the fact that it can lead to:

Cardiac arrhythmias and arrest


Poor performance on the block design subtest is associated with:

brain damage


Poor performance on digit span is associated with:

brain deterioration


Poor performance on picture arrangement may be affected by:

brain damage