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What is project management

The application of knowledge, Skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet requirements


What is a process

A set of interrelated actions and activities performed to create a pre-specified product or service or result


What are project management processes

They ensure effective flow of a project through the lifecycle. They are divided into knowledge areas


What are product oriented processes

They specify and create the projects product


What is the initiating process group

The processes perform to define a new project or a new phase.

Initial scope is defined
Financial resources are committed
Stakeholders are identified
A project manager is selected and given the authority to apply resources to subsequent activities


What is the key purpose of the initiating process group

To align stakeholders expectations with project purpose


What are the outputs of the initiating process group

Project charter
Stakeholder register


What is the planning process group

Processes perform to establish total scope of effort, define and refine objectives and develop course of action required to meet objectives


What is the key benefit of the planning process group

Delineate strategy and tactics as well as a course of action to successfully complete the project


What are the outputs of the planning process group

Project management plan
Project documents


What is the executing process group

Processes perform to complete the work

Includes coordinating people and resources, managing stakeholder expectations, and integrating and performing activities on the project according to the plan


What is the monitoring and controlling process group

Processes to track, review, and orchestrate the progress and performance of the project; identify areas in which plan changes are required; and initiate corresponding changes

Includes controlling changes in recommending corrective or preventive action; monitoring ongoing project activities against the plan; and influencing the factors that could circumvent integrated change control so that only approved changes are implemented


What is the key benefit of monitoring and controlling

Project performance is measured in analyzed at regular intervals, appropriate events, or exception conditions to identify variances from the project management plan


What is the closing process group

Processes performed to conclude all activities across all process groups to formally complete the project, phase, contractual obligations


What types of activities are performed under at the closing process group

Obtain acceptance by customer or sponsor to close
Conduct post project, phase and review
Record impacts of tailoring
Document lessons learned
Apply appropriate updates to organizational process assets
Archive project documents
Close out procurements
Farm team member assessments and release resources


What are the types of project information

Work performance data
Work performance information
Work performance reports


What is work performance data

Raw observations or measurements identified during activities performed to carry out project work


What is work performance information

Performance data collected analyzed in context and integrated based on relationships across areas


What are work performance reports

Physical or electronic representations of work information compiled in project documents for decision-making and awareness


What is a knowledge area

A complete set of concepts, terms, activities that make up a professional field or project management field or area of specification

There are 47 processes across 10 knowledge areas


What are the project management knowledge areas

Integration management
Scope management
Time management
Cost management
Quality management
HR management
Communications management
Risk management
Procurement management
Stakeholder management