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Permission systems

People decide who, when, where etc. is okay


What disorders are associated with desire in men and women? Arousal? Orgasm? Pain? Substance/Medication?



What is the key factor in diagnosing someone with hypersexual disorder or sex addiction?

They use sex to regulate their moods and it gets in the way of their relationships and takes too much time.


What demographics are more commonly affected by sexual dysfunction?

Older men and younger women


Medication induced sexual problems

Anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, opiates, heroin, alcohol and nicotine.


One thing you have to have to get aroused

Erotic focus (kids banging on door, phone ringing, sexual anxiety all take away from this and reduce arousal)


Often presentation in men who have decreased libido and headache?



How to get your patients talking about sex

1) Acknowledge discomfort 2) Encourage to overcome discomfort 3) Permission-giving style 4) Be specific 5) Educate as you go 6) Include partner


How do you assess desire?

1) Has interest changed recently 2) How long has it been this way 3) What was associated with change


How do you assess arousal in a female?

1) Are there problems becoming aroused 2) Is arousal maintenance difficult 3) Problems with lubrication


Drugs used for female sexual dysfunction

Estrogen replacement, bromocriptine, sildenafil, androgens