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If a woman is hemorrhaging after child birth where should you put pressure if you are all alone?

Compress the aorta on the sacral promontory.


Defects in what muscles leads to pelvic organ prolapse?

Those in the pelvic floor: Piriformis, Coccygeus, Levator ani (includes ileococcygeus and pubococcygeus).

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What are the pelvic contents labeled below?

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1) Uterus 2) Ovary 3) Meso-ovarium 4) Round ligament 5)  6) Uterine tube 7) Infundibular Pelvic Ligament 8) Utero-ovarian Ligament 9) Cervix 10) Bladder


Median umbilical ligament is a remnant of what?



What are contained in the medial umbilical folds?

Inferior epigastric arteries and vein.


Where do the inferior epigastric arteries branch off of?

Femoral artery


List 5 pathologies that can be seen in the uterus?

1) Leiomyoma 2) Polyps 3) Adenomyoma (infiltrating glands into myometrium) 4) Endometrial cancer 5) Endometrial hyperplasia

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4 types of fibroids.

Submucosa, intramural, subserosal (presents as bleeding) and pedunculated (presents as pelvic pressure)

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2 pathologies that can be seen on the cervix when looking with the speculum

1) Cervical polyps (almost always benign) 2) Nabothian cysts (benign occluded glands)

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What uterine positioning is seen in the minority of women?



What are the supporting attachments of the uterus?

Broad ligament, Ovarian ligament, Uterosacral ligament (carries vessels from internal iliac), Lateral cervical (Cardinal) ligament and the Round ligament (connects uterus to abdominal wall and houses Sampson's artery).

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What are the different components of the fallopian tube?

Fimbria -> Infundibulum -> Ampulla -> Isthmus


Most common area of ectopic pregnancy?

Ampulla. This is also where normal fertilization takes place.


What structure houses the vascular supply between the ovary and fallopian tube?



Infundibulo-pelvic ligament carries blood vessels from where? Veins to where?

Blood vessels from the aorta. Right vein terminates in the IVC. Left vein terminates in left renal vein.


Broad ligament carries what blood vessels?

It houses the gonadal and uterine arteries on the lateral aspect of the uterus.

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Why is the gynecologist the natural predator of the ureter?

It sits below the gonadal vessels when you ligate them, it lies right along the pelvic lymph nodes, it dips underneath the uterine artery and it sits right between the bladder and the vagina.

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What structures are indicated in the image below?

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What arteries branch off of the anterior division of the internal iliac artery?

Umbilical artery (becomes the vesicle artery), Obturator artery, Uterine artery and middle rectal artery.

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What arteries branch off of the posterior division of the internal iliac artery?

Ileolumbar artery, lateral sacral artery and superior gluteal artery.

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