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What is a rectal prolapse. (2)

There are two types of rectal prolapse.
1. Full-thickness - a prolapse of all the layers of rectal wall through the anus. (this is known as type 2/complete).
2. Mucosal - a prolapse of the rectal mucosa through the anus. (this is known as type 1/partial).


Who is most at risk of developing a rectal prolapse. (2)

The majority of patients who develop this problem are women. (usually multiparous).
Children less than 3 years old are also at risk.


What are the symptoms of a rectal prolapse. (3)

Palpable mass.
Faecal incontinence.
PR bleeding.


What are the signs of a rectal prolapse. (3)

Protruding rectal mass. (ask the patient to bear down).
Reduced sphincter tone in PR.
Evidence of ulceration.


Is type 1 or type 2 rectal prolapse more common.

Type 2.


What percentage of patients with rectal prolapse experience incontinence.



What are the causes of rectal prolapse. (4)

Lax sphincter.
Prolonged straining.
Related to chronic neurological and psychological disorders.