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AP Projection: Posterior ribs: Pt position:

Erect position is preferred for above diaphragm if pt's condition allows and supine for below diaphragm.


AP Projection: Posterior ribs: Part position:

Align midsagittal plane to CR and to midline of grid or table/upright Bucky.
Rotate shoulders anteriorly to remove scapulae from lung fields.
Raise chin to prevent it from superimposing upper ribs; look straight ahead.
Allow no rotate of thorax or pelvis.


AP Projection: Posterior ribs: CR

Above diaphragm: CR perpendicular to IR, centered to 3 or 4 inches below jugular notch (level of T7)
IR centered to level of CR (top of iR should be about 1.5" above shoulders)
Below diaphragm: CR perpendicular, centered to level of xiphoid process.
IR centered to CR (lower margin of IR at iliac crest)


AP Projection: Posterior ribs: Respiration:

Suspend respiration on inspiration for ribs above the diaphragm and on expiration for ribs below the diaphragm.


AP Projection: Posterior ribs: Evaluation Criteria: Anatomy demonstrated:

Above diaphragm, ribs 1 through 10 should be visualized. Below diaphragm: ribs 9 through 12 should be visualized.


AP Projection: Posterior ribs: Evaluation Criteria: Position:

Rotation of the thorax should not be evident. Collimation to area of interest.


AP Projection: Posterior ribs: Evaluation Criteria: Exposure:

Optimal contrast and density to visualize ribs through the lungs and heart shadow or through the dense abdominal organ if below the diaphragm. No motion, as demonstrated by sharp bony markings.