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Clinical indications:

-Fractures and dislocations of the radius or ulna.
-Pathologic processes such as osteomyelitis or arthritis.


Technical factors:

Minimum SID 40"
11x14" IR for small pts, 14x17" for long forearms, lengthwise.
No grid.
Detail screens for analog imaging.
Analog 60-70 kV range
Digital 70-75 kV range



Shield radiosensitive tissue outside region of interest.


Patient position:

Seat patient at end of table, with hand and arm fully extended and palm up (supinated.).


Part position:

-Drop shoulder to place entire upper limb on same horizontal plane.
-Align and center forearm to long axis of IR, ensuring that both wrist and elbow joints are included (Use as large in IR as necessary.).
-Instruct patient to lean laterally as necessary to place entire wrist, forearm, and elbow in as near a true frontal position as possible (Medial and lateral epicondyles should be the same distance from IR.).