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how can you tell if a house is to be built "per plan" or "reversed"?

SAR and driveway location


Where do you look to find the invert elevation of a sewer?

water and sewer plan


what does the limit of clearing and grading line signify?

you have to grade soil to get to the right grade


If a site plan shows two feet interval contours, and you scale off the site plan that the distance between two contour lines is 50 feet, what is the percent of slope of the grade?

It is a line of TOPO that shows the existing grade. The percent of slope is 4% 2/50=.04 .04x 100= 4%


what is the existing contour and how is it shown on a site plan?

the current grade of the lot - - - - - - - - -- -


What is a proposed contour and how is it shown on a site plan?

the final grade of the lot ____________


a proposed spot elevation is indicated as follows: + 38^8. what is the significance of the "+"?

Shows the high point spot elevation


on a site plan, a sanitary sewer line is indicated as follows: 



1) What does the • signify?


2) What doe the arrows indicate?


3) What do the T's indicate?

1) Man hole 


2) gravity flow 


3) sewer lateral 


What does the following line indicate?


—I—I—8" W —I—

Water line 8" wide