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How long has NVhomes been in business? Ryan Homes?

NVHomes: 1978
Ryan Homes: 1948


How many states does NVR build in?

14 states


Who does your division manager report to?

The regional manager


how many hours of work are you required to work each week?



List several items related to the production group that is in violation of NVR'S Code of Ethics

1. Not being honest
2. not following Ethical conduct
3. Trade secrets
4. Revealing cost, pricing, marketing or service strategies
5. revealing terms of NVR's lot purchase agreements


List three activities that are listed on a project managers job description

Maintain safe work environment
Give job instructions to new employees
PPE is correct on site


what are key result areas and why are they important?

list of goals or objectives for jobs.


what are your key result ares?

Days under construction, QAI score, variance


what is the CDS?

Customer data sheet


Give three examples of problems that dames reps can cause project managers

1. ordering the wrong material on the main selection sheet
2. offering a product that doesn't fit the lot listing
3. giving tours of house at unnecessary times