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what cross reference are used if you are short material on rough/trim load package?

Site Delivery Report, SAR, Product Acknowledgment Report


what is panel vision?

Computer generated panel layout which is designed based on the purchased selections. Includes room options and panel locating dimensions


who develops the programming?

Architectural Service Department


when material is short on a load, what is the first step taken to find the problem?

Audit the load and fill out the Site Delivery Report


What is a fabricator list

Shows how the panels are made


What does this tell you on a fabricator list:
"PL LGH. 40 7/8" Bottom and 39 3/8" Top flush right"

bottom plate is 40 7/8" and top plate is 39 3/8"


List five pieces of information listed at the top of the page on a fabricator list or shipping list

1. Per plan/ reversed
2. Community
3. House type
4. Division
5. Lot
6. house verision


What is a shipping List

list of all the material shipped in the load


What is meant by "1 ea. x= 5'8" railing(1 pc) pkg, Dwg# AD-83" on an inside trim shipping list

5'8" railing(1 pc) pkg: one 5'8" railing package
Dwg# AD-83: ASD drawing number


if material is damaged or missing, what report is filled out?

Site delivery Report


why is it important for the PM to meet a frame package load when it is to be delivered?

TO audit the load and check for damaged trusses/ material


What is the package computerization?

fabricator shipping list and panel vision that is all shipped with the load


what does PAR mean and why is it used?

Product Action Report- it is used to make any necessary corrections on the product


what is the role of the Architectural Services Group( relating to PAR)?

They review submitted report and review the PAR request and approve or deny it.


who is the contact person in the Architectural Services Group in your area?

PAR hotline


what week is rough lumber loaded in the delivery schedule?

week 4


what week is trim lumber loaded in the delivery schedule?

week 4


T/F: when a job reaches the second week out on the tough,trim lumber schedule, it is locked and cannot be moved