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what is meant by a garage door measurement of 8'0"x7'0"? what is the rough opening?

8 feet wide and 7 feet tall. the rough openings is the same dimension


what is a torsion spring?

spring that assist in lifting the door and keeps it from coming down hard.


what should a project manager do before ordering a garage door?

Measure the door opening


what is a garage door stop?

trim that is located on the door jam that creates a seal between the door and jam when the door is closed.


when should a garage opener be installed

When drywall is complete and the house has electricty


What is the manufacturers stated warranty to the customer for a garage door?

Look up


what is NVRs stated warranty on garage door adjustments ?

1 year as needed


what framing must be added on the inside of the garage door rough opening prior to door install?

Bucks along sides and blocking for torso spring(above garage door opening).