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whose responsibility is it to maintain a safe job site?

Project manager, production manager, foreman


What does OSHA stand for and what is its primarily responsibility?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration- to insure work heath and safety protection


Name four safety items that should be in a construction trailer?

fire extinguisher, first aid kit, MSDS, OSHA posters


How do you report a job-related accident?

CPE link to safety document verbal warning


How soon after an accident occurs should it be reported?

8 hours


name 3 safety violations for excavation:

1. no trench box
2. call utility
3. bobcats doesn't beep when backing up


name 3 safety violations for framing:

1. doesn't use the bucket for the fork lift, when standing on the fork
2. Ladders do not have OSHA sticker
3. standing on the top step of ladder
4. doesn't use eye protection


Name 3 safety violations for electric

1. not wearing rubber based boots
2. not using rubber gloves when dealing with high voltage
3. leaves a outlet uncovered



1. not using the tie down system
2. not being tied in a harness
3. having a ladder under 3 steps above roof line


Briefly explain the proper care and safe work practices associated with the types of temporary heaters used in your area

1. do not have heaters on sub floor
2. inspect heaters daily
3. make sure gas line is through window opening, not door opening
4. make sure gas tank is level
5. place heater on (2) 4x4 pieces of fire code drywall


what is the "Right-To-Know Law"?

having the right to know about hazardous conditions and materials at work


what is a "focused inspection"

OSHA evaluates the 4 areas of: fall protection, electrical, struck by, caught between


list the four categories that are evaluated during this process

1. fall protection
2. struck by
3. caught inbetween
4. electrical


Name two acceptable methods for protecting rebar from being an impalement hazard

1. bend the bar so that it is facing down
2. place caps over the end of the bar


Name two approved methods that are used to provide fall protection above 6'

1. safety net
2. body harness
3. life line