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How should Tonics be taken?

on an empty stomach


When should Calm the Spirit formulas be taken?

before bed


When should formulas for a malarial disorder be taken?

2 hours before an attack if the timing is regular


Even when the disorder is due to excess heat, what temperature are herbs usually taken?



When are herbs not taken warm?

if it causes nausea and vomiting


What type of herbs are decocted first?

1) toxic herbs
2) minerals and shells
3) lightweight substances in a large dosage


What type of herbs are added near the end?



What kind of substances need to be bagged in gauze?

1) herbs with cilia (fine, hair-like structures)
2) small seeds
3) some minerals
4) powderd substances


What type of substances are decocted separately?

rare and expensive substances like Ren Shen


What type of substances are dissolved in a strained decoction?

highly viscous or sticky substances because they would stick to the pot or other herbs and reduce the effect of decocting


What type of substances are taken with a strained decoction?

some expensive, aromatic substances are grounded into a powder and taken first, followed by the strained decoction

this is also the case with precious horns, which are shaved or filed into a powder and ingested, followed by the decoction


What are Boiled Powders or Drafts?

powders decocted for 10 minutes

dosage is much smaller than decoctions


How are Pills made?

by combining the fine powder of pulverized herbs with a viscous medium


Pills are usually ________ and ________ in action

milder and slower


What can pills be prepared with and what are they good for?

1) water - good solvent
2) honey - dissolves slowly and good for Tonic pills
3) wax - dissolves slowly, usually in intestines (instead of the ST) and prevents gastric irritation


Why are Powders used?

easily absorbed and easy to store


The medicinal action of Powders are between ________ and __________.

decoction, pill


What are Dan?

vermillion pills - finely processed expensive substances or minerals


What are syrups good to treat?

sore throats and coughs


What are Plasters used to treat?

dermatological issues, painful joints & muscles, fractures & sprains, and fixed masses


What are the functions of medicinal wines and what are they used to treat?

nourishing, blood invigorating, and unblocking channels

used to treat Wind-Damp painful obstruction, traumatic injury, and deficiency induced disorders


What are the 2 types of Herb/Drug interaction to be cautious about?

Pharmacokinetic Interaction: can change the absorption, distribution, metabolism or elimination

Pharmacodynamic Reaction: can alter the way in which a drug or herb effects a tissue or organ system. Hard to predict. Can be synergistic or antagonistic


What are the general guidelines to reduce the possibility of Herb/Drug interaction?

- keep a record of all drugs patient is taking
- take a drug & herb at different times or via different methods
- reduce dosage of herbs that may have same therapeutic effects as drugs (e.g. diuretics)
- adjust when Intestinal Motility drugs are used (i.e. laxatives will move through faster, decreasing absorption, so increase herb dosage)


When do you use EXTREME CAUTION?

1) with patients scheduled for surgery
2) with patients with LV or KD disease
3) with multiple-drug users, especially elderly