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Performance monitor's objectives and counters are very specific , you can use performance monitor as a general troubleshooting tool as well as a_______? PG646

Security troubleshooting tool


Device Manager is to hardware as computer management is to _________? pg 644/645



Local shares are those files that are created locally and are visible with the icon of a hand beneath them, what about administrative shares? page 645/646

Administrative shares are created for use by administrators and usually require administrator privileges to access


What tap contain information, about the CPU usage percentage, a graphic display of CPU usage history, page-file usage in MB, and a graphical display of page-files pg644

Performance tap


What allows you to create and manage local user and group account? pg 645

Local Users and Groups


_____ Is a tool that allows you to view application error log, security audit records, and system errors pg 645

Event Viewer


_________let you shut down non responsive applications selectively, it also allow you to see which processes applications are using the most system resources, view network usage, connected users and so on? pg 642

Task Manager


Why is it important to place the swap file on a drive with plenty of empty space (general rules try keeping 20%drive space free) pg 642

Because if you make the swap files too small, the system can become unbootable, or at least unstable.