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A ___ array is possible with the Windows but occasionally is not recognized. Pg 945

Hardware RAID


Pg. 945 What happened when you are using windows?

you are constantly interacting with pieces of hardware.


Each piece of hardware has a ____ that must be loaded in order for ___ to be able to use it. pg 945

Windows Driver and windows


Pg 945 - What happen if you just updated a driver and the driver isn't functioning properly?

Rolling back the driver installation can sometimes solve the problems


Explain the the process to roll back a driver? pg 945

Right click on the device name in the Device Manager and choose Properties. On the Drivers tab, click the Roll Back driver button


What is the meaning of DLL? pg 945

Dynamic Link Library


When does the problem of missing DLL files can also occur with applications? Pg 945

When you attempt to start them and the solution involves finding a copy of the DLL online, on a backup, etc. and replacing it


What is the website to find a great article on the topic of a missing DLL? pg 945


Where does problems comes from in relating to service fail to start? pg 945

The problem can come from any number of sources, including improper installation, a software conflict, or system inability.


What is GPF? pg 945

General Protection fault


What does it result to, Finally if one program causes a GPF? pg 946

It can result in memory problems that can destabilize the system and cause other programs to crash.


Pg 946 - You just got an error in windows, and it appears that you are on the verge of a crash (of your application or the whole system). What do you do?

Class, the answer is on the real World Scenario


Pg 946 - __ are software programs that tell the operating system how to work with the hardware.

Device Driver


Pg 947 - T/F - You are typically not able to set the UAC feature OS programs and privileges will stayed grayed out on the Compatibility.



What happen if your device driver is not digitally signed by Microsoft - that is, it hasn't been tested for compatibility with your version of windows? Pg 947

You will get a warning message when you attempt to install it.


T/F - Pg 947- At times a system will become corrupted to the point it where it will only boot into Safe Mode and not allow normal boot?



Pg 948 - ___ can be cause from improperly shutting down the application or system.



What is the best solution for corruption? pg 948

The best solution to corruption problem is to recover the file from a backup