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Pg. 867 - When the approval to repair is granted on the android, what happened?

The Bluetooth setup Assistant will automatically advance to the conclusion dialog.


Pg. 868. __ works in burst over multiple successive connections



Pg 868 - What comes in mind in case you noticed that Android is not connected?

This is the default behavior because, FTP is used for file transfer.


Pg. 874 - Explain the process of pairing an iPhone with a Vehicle's Sound System.

Class Exercise


Pg. 874 - Explain the following sentence. The vehicle should be in a Not Paired state?

Meaning it has been discovered but there are additional steps, such as entering the pass-code, required for pairing.


Pg 876 - Why it's exceedingly simple to setup mobile devices to access email accounts?

Because the vast majority of the world's email traffic flows over TCP/IP internet works, Which include the Internet.


Pg. 876 - T/F - It never hurts to attempt automatic configuration of your email account.



Pg. 876 - Class Exercise 18.9, Automatic Internet Email Configuration on an iphone

General Class exercise


Pg. 880 - What should be done if the Android device does not have the Mail app on the home screens?

You can add i or run it directly from all Apps list.


Pg 880/881 - Class Exercise 18.10 , Automatic Internet Email Configuration on an Android Phone.

Class workout.