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What are some security methods of prevention? pg 759

Physical Security, digital security, user education, and the principle of least privilege.


what is Physical Security according to Sybex? pg 759

is a grab bag of elements that can be added to an environment to aid in securing it.


Tailgating refers to......? pg.800

being so close to someone when they enter a building that you are able to come in right behind he/she and use a key, card, or any other security device.


Bio metrics devices are? pg.801

uses physical characteristics to identify the user.


RFID Badges are ??? pg 801

A smart card is type of badge or card that gives you access to resources, including buildings, parking lots, and computers.


Physical Tokens are??? pg 802

are anything that user must have on them to access network resources and are often associated with devices that enable the user to generate a one time password authenticating their identity.


Some examples of digital security pg 802-804

Antivirus software, Firewalls,packet filter walls, proxy firewalls,


Stateful inspection firewalls pg 504

is also referred to as stateful packet filtering most of the devices used in networks don't keep track of how information is routed or used.