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Can the operating system (OS) cyclic redundancy check information to recreate data that has been partially lost from the hard drive sector Y/N pg 755

Yes CRC can be use to recreate data


What command replace the fdisk.exe and and from which operating system does the new command starts?

diskpart.exe, and it started from WindowS XP


(WET) Windows Easy Transfer can be use to transfer data from and into Windows XP? T/F pg762



T/F running any sort of command on a machine that doesn't have any operating system is impossible? pg 754



_________is the space reserved in between the sectors for error correction in a formatted hard drive. pg 755

(CRC) Cyclic redundancy check


________ contains the partition information for the hard drive and includes the beginning and end of each partition that has been defined on the drive

Master boot record (MBR)


_______ shows a list of all installed hardware and lets you add items, remove items, update drivers, and more? pg 766

Device Manager


______is a text file that resides in the root directory . it specifies what Operating System are installed on the computer and where each OS resides on the disk

boot .ini


_______is a command line utility used for troubleshooting. from it you can format drives, stop and start services , and interact with files stored on FAT, FAT32 or NTFS. pg768

Recovery Console


What wizard walk you through the process of creating a disk that can be used to restore parts of the system in the event of a major system failure.? pg 768

Automated System Recovery (ASR)


How can you access safe mode from your computer? (768)