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what should a tech do with the shoe covers after radiography services are no longer needed in the surgical suite?

Remove and dispose of them before leaving the surgical area


What procedure should a tech follow if the sterile field is accidentally compromised?

Immediately notify a member of the OR staff


when using a C-arm unit to perform the lateral projection of the cervical spine, what procedure should be accomplished to place the spine into the center of the monitor?

Raise or lower the C-arm


Where should the C-arm be centered for an operative Cholangiogram?

Over the right side of the abdomen and inferior to the rib line


which of the following is incorrect concerning the principles of aseptic technique?

Sterile persons touch only nonsterile items or areas


What is the accepted protocol for the wearing of street clothes within the semirestricted and restricted areas of a surgical suite?

The should never be worn in either area.


which personnel is a member of the sterile team during surgical procedure? (circulator, rad tech, anesthesia provider, physician assistant)

Physician assitant


what is the proper procedure for placing an IR into a sterile IR cover?

A surgical technologist should open the sterile IR cover and hold it open for the rad tech to insert the IR into it.


Which surgical procedure will most likely require subtraction technique with C-arm imaging/

femoral arteriography