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(T) which is an example of blunt trauma?

Motor vehicle accident


which statement is NOT an appropriate rule for trauma radiographers?

Always make at least three radiographs for each area of injury


***which procedure should the tech perform if a trauma patient has bleeding wounds?

Protect the IR with plastic


which projection of the abdomen should be performed to demonstrate air/fluid levels when a trauma patient is unable to be positioned upright or in a lateral recumbent position?

Lateral, dorsal decubitus position


***which action should a tech perform if a semiconscious head trauma patient begins vomiting during a rad procedure?

Logroll the patient to the lateral recumbent position


which projection of the cranium would best demonstrate a suspected fracture of the posterior cranium?

AP axial, Towne method


***which general rule should be followed when radiographing upper and lower limbs on trauma patients?

Always obtain two radiographs, 90 degrees apart.


how should the tech determine if an AP projection of the abdomen, left lateral decubitus position, is being requested for demonstrating free air or fluid level?

Ask the attending physician


which symptom is associated with stroke injuries?

Slurred speech (noi ngong, noi ca lam)


which procedure should a tech perform if a trauma patient begins to experience a seisure?

Inform the attending physician