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The Range of Research Methods (7)

- Cross-sectional research
- Longitudinal research
- Naturalistic observation research
- Case study research
- Archival research
- Survey research
- Experimental research


Multiple Methods of Research Methods

- The complete understanding of any phenomenon requires experimental and non-experimental methods
- Frank & Gilovich (1988) hypothesised about Black Football Uniforms
- Could have used a qualitative Approach
- No single method of study is a perfect test of hypothesis
- If we use several methods and get the same result the hypothesis can more confidently considered sound



- Tools that assess behaviour
- they measure individual differences
-- Intelligence
-- Personality
-- Memory
-- Leadership
-- Problem-solving
- Differentiate people from one another reliably
- focus on the same topic but utilises different approaches


Group vs Individual Tests

Group Tests
- Useful in assess a candidates style of problem solving
- valuable in reducing costs as it is generally used for screening
- may result in more measurement error
- performance test assess


Speed vs Power tests

- Speed tests have rigid & demanding time limits
- Provide variablity among candidates
- Issue of relevance to job
- May increase the risk of legal challenges
- Power tests have no rigid limits


Some important test issues to consider

- How will the test be administered
- Standardised?
- What is the nature of the behaviour? Cognitive, social etc
- Is it self report?
- observational, performance or peer ratings
- Will it be timed?
- Subjective or Objective
- Individual or group?
- Closed, ope, recall or recognition?