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Definition of federalism

System of government in which a written constitution divides the powers of government on a territorial basis


What two types of government do we have?

Federal government and states government


What is the supreme law?

U.S Constitution


What is Delegated powers?

Powers that are given to the national government


What are the 3 types of delegated powers?

1. Expressed- specifically stated
2. Implied
3. Inherent powers- belong to the national government because the national gov of a sovereign state


Denied powers

Powers that are denied to the national government


Examples of denied powers

1. Bill of rights
2. Silent- if the constitution doesn't mention so,etching doesn't mean you can do it.
3. Cannot abolish states governments


Reserved powers

Powers that belong to the state government


Exclusive powers

Powers that are only held by the national government


Example of exclusive power

Declaring war


Concurrent powers

Powers exercised by both governments


Example of concurrent powers



Federal obligation to the states

1) government must guarantee a republican form of gov.
2) must protect from foreign invasion and domestic violence
3) must protect state boarders
4) admitting new states


Cooperative federalism

1. Grants- in-aid: federal money and resources given to the states. Many conditions on the grants
2. Block grants- same thing except barely any conditions
3. Revenue sharing- federal government gives a share of its tax revenue to the states
4. States aid to the federal government- states in charge of national elections


What are Interstate relations?

Relations between the states


Types of interstate relations (4)

1. Interstate compact- agreement between a state and a foreign land
2. Full faith and credit- each state must respect the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state
3. Extradition- legal process in which a fugitive from justice in one state is returned to that state from another
4. Privileges and immunities- (examples) marriage licenses, contracts, and divorce licenses