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What is theory of mind

Being able to attribute mental states e.g thoughts and beliefs to others


What are primary levels of representation

1st year of life
Children are tied to reality by a single updating model


What are secondary levels of representations

2nd year of life
Children have multiple models that allow representations of different situations


What are 3 abilities that require 2 models in secondary representation

1. Mirror recognition
2. Pretend play
3. Ability to deny


What did Hummer, Wimmer and Antes find to do with secondary levels of representation

Looked at ability to deny
Older they children, deny objects more


What 2 ways can false belief be measured

1. Implicitly

2. Explicitly


What are 2 examples of false belief being measured explicitly

1. Sally Anne task - children shown 2 dolls. Sally puts her ball under her basket and then leaves. Anne then moves Sally’s ball and puts it under her box. Children under 4 will say Sally will look for the ball under the box

2. smarties task - children asked what is in a box saying smarties. Say smarties but shown it is pencils. Children under 4 say that another child will say it is pencils when asked what is in box


At what age do children complete explicit false belief tasks



What are 3 social consequences of theory of mind

1. Deception

2. Sabotage

3. Competition


What did Perner & Roessler (2012) do and find to do with theory of mind

children as sensitive at age 1-2 to false belief but explicit tasks e.g sally anne task are too complicted

can pass implicit tasks